Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Happy Birthday, Shana Elizabeth

Shana Bain! You have waited so long to be FOUR. I remember when you were oh so little, with big chocolate eyes and a lot of curly, silky hair. You are still the same you - big brown eyes, and so much hair for Mama to play with!

I hope you have a wonderful day that is "sparkle-yee, and be-yooo-tiful." You are such a sweetheart. You care so much for each one of us. Even when you are still half asleep in the morning you make sure Daddy has his "yunch." You cry if it is foggy because you worry that Daddy will get lost in the "bog." You rub Selena's back for her because you know she likes it. You play with Sariah all day long and run to get everything she needs. You give Mama massages, and you even take such wonderful care of your dollies. You have so many, and you know when one is missing, or lying in the wrong order on your pillow. You are going to make an awesome Mommy one day!

There are too many things I like about you to list them all, but here are a few:

your beautiful, contagious smile

your sparkle-yee eyes

your sweet snuggles

your graceful twirls ~ you will spin, dance, and twirl anytime and anywhere!

Sweetheart, mama loves you to pieces and more than I can ever describe. Happy, Happy Birthday.

Love, Mama

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Happy Birthday, Sariah Grace

Deep breath. My baby is ONE. ONE! A baby no longer. 

There are no words to describe how much we adore every inch of you, little Miss Sariah Grace! Last year this time, I was preparing to go to bed, so pregnant with you that I had trouble getting into bed on my own. And then I woke up suddenly at 3:30am in intense pain, and I knew it was time to meet you. I remember the first time I saw you, and how we spent so much snuggle time in our hospital room. I just gazed at your little sweet face. I sang to you in the middle of the night, and you fit so perfectly in the space between my head and my shoulder.

 But now you are a big girl, Gracie Grace. Your hair is longer and curlier, your grin is mischievous, you are starting to talk and you are almost walking. There are so many ways that I love you. I love your little face, and your funny personality. I love to see you reaching for your sisters first thing in the morning. I love to watch your little cheeks go up and down when you are eating something crunchy. I love it when you look around and break into a huge smile when you see me. At least once a week, Selena and Shana say "Thank you Mama, for giving us Sariah."

 And do you know what Mama does? Mama breathes a prayer of thanks to God for having entrusted you to us. I can't wait to see how you grow and develop this year. There are so many things to look forward to. But a part of me wants to keep you this way forever because you are just so special to me.

However, that is not how life works. You must grow, and parenthood is a series of letting go little by little. All I can do is snuggle your little self when I can, teach you what I can, and enjoy. every. wonderful. moment of YOU.

                                                  Happy ONE, my adorable Gwacies.

Monday, September 03, 2012

Selena ~ Six Years Old!

Selena Beana.

You are six years old today. This just seems so old to us. I've been thinking about the day you were born, and how I woke up in our apartment knowing that the pains I was having meant that I was going to meet you soon.

Six years ago you made me a mama. It has been more wonderful than I could ever imagine to watch you and your sisters grow. Daddy and I enjoy you girls so very much. You make us laugh every day.

Things I love about you:

Your smile. It lights up your face and my heart!

Your hunger to learn more about God. You read your Bible story book every day, and Daddy and I are so excited to give you your first real Bible this year.

Your reliability. We can always count on you to be the big sister! You are very responsible, and we love that about you.

You never give up! When you want to learn something, you keep trying until you get it. You are going to do so well in first grade.

 Oh, and I love it when you say that you love me and Daddy as far as the moon and all the planets that are planets, and that used to be planets and aren't anymore, and all the way back. We love you that much too! You have no idea, sweet girl.

Remember when we got to go out on Saturday, just the two of us? I loved spending time with my big girl. I love it when we just snuggle and talk about things. I hope you always love talking to me about what's important to you.

I hope you enjoy your birthday, big girl. Mama loves you. Always and forever. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

2012 Ultimate Blog Party Post

Ultimate Blog Party 2012 Welcome! Can it be time to party again already? Before we get to know each other, do you want some coffee? The Peppermint Mocha  creamer is really good.

I'm a talker, but I'll try to keep it short because I want to get to know you as well. Not only do I have the privilege of being married to my very best friend, but I get to be mom to three princesses. Needless to say, we have a lot of pink, purple, ruffles, and dollies in this house. God has been so good to us.

I am a stay at home, work at home, homeschooling mama. Everyone who knows me is aware that I absolutely LOVE coffee. Hobbies? Cooking, Reading and "Computering."

I can't wait to visit your blog, and  learn more about you. But, here's one of my favorite recipes for mac and cheese (can you say comfort food?). Do any of you love Ree Drumond's cookbooks as much as I do?

  • 4  cups Dried Macaroni
  • 1 whole Egg Beaten
  • 1/4 cup (1/2 Stick Or 4 Tablespoons) Butter
  • 1/4 cup All-purpose Flour
  • 2-1/2 cups Whole Milk
  • 2 teaspoons (heaping) Dry Mustard, More If Desired
  • 1 pound Cheese, Grated
  • 1/2 teaspoon Salt, More To Taste
  • 1/2 teaspoon Seasoned Salt, More To Taste
  • 1/2 teaspoon Ground Black Pepper
  • Optional Spices: Cayenne Pepper, Paprika, Thyme

Cook macaroni until very firm. Macaroni should be too firm to eat right out of the pot. Drain.
In a small bowl, beat egg.
In a large pot, melt butter and sprinkle in flour. Whisk together over medium-low heat. Cook mixture for five minutes, whisking constantly. Don’t let it burn.
Pour in milk, add mustard, and whisk until smooth. Cook for five minutes until very thick. Reduce heat to low.
Take 1/4 cup of the sauce and slowly pour it into beaten egg, whisking constantly to avoid cooking eggs. Whisk together till smooth.
Pour egg mixture into sauce, whisking constantly. Stir until smooth.
Add in cheese and stir to melt.
Add salt and pepper. Taste sauce and add more salt and seasoned salt as needed! DO NOT UNDERSALT.
Pour in drained, cooked macaroni and stir to combine.
Serve immediately (very creamy) or pour into a buttered baking dish, top with extra cheese, and bake for 20 to 25 minutes or until bubbly and golden on top.

Thanks for stopping by!

"Breathe deeper. Speak slower. Listen better. React less.Hug longer. Be Purposeful."
                                                              - taken from 10 Days to a Peaceful Home-
                                                              by Amy Roberts www.raisingarrows.net

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day by Day

Thank you Charissa Khan for taking this picture!
Well, we've been super busy lately, but I wanted to give a brief update on our family. The little sweetheart pictured on the left has TOTALLY captured our hearts. The poor child is kissed from dawn to dusk. But can you blame us?

The transition from two to three children has been a lot easier then I thought it would be. This is largely due to the fact that Sariah is a super easy baby. She started sleeping through the night at four and a half weeks! I welcome the times when I have to stop and snuggle her for a while, because it makes me stop and sit for a moment.

Selena is loving Kindergarten at home. This mama loves teaching her! Poor Shana has little papers to do while Selena is working, but largely she just waits impatiently for Selena to be finished school for the day. I've had some trouble keeping her occupied, and trying to make her feel important and busy, but we are working on that.

My goals for each day are limited. School, work at home business duties, clothe all children, feed them and prepare dinner. I am not finding time to fit in laundry and house cleaning, so I tend to make a mad rush to do these things before E gets home. If I actually get anything else accomplished, it is a huge plus!

However, one thing I've learned, is that babies grow too quickly. Three year olds become five year olds too quickly, and my five year old is going to be a teenager soon. The dust bunnies can wait until later. My children need cherishing, and that is just what I am going to do!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Three Years, Shana!

Dear Shana,

Can our bouncy, big brown eyed sweetie really be THREE today? It is hard to believe! So many changes have happened in our family lately, but one thing will never change. Do you know what that is? Can you guess? It is our love for you, little one.

Every day, you bring joy to all of us. You are always telling us how much you love us, or giving us hugs and snuggles. You make us laugh when you pronounce your words in your own special way. Fly is Bee- yi. Floor is Bee-yore. And you like things "berry berry much!"

We always thought of you as the little sister, but you are now a BIG sister. You've turned into such a big girl. You give Sariah her pacifier, tuck her into her bassinet, and kiss her every hour. At the same time, you are doing preschool with Mommy, coloring about 40 pictures a day, and asking Daddy to take them all to work with him!
I hope you have a day filled with baked oatmeal, mackey and roni, cake, and lots of time to Pee- yay! (Play) And please, baby, don't grow up too quickly, because I am just loving you to pieces at this age.

Hugs and Kisses. Love you always, Miss THREE year old!


Monday, October 03, 2011

Sariah Grace is here!

We welcomed precious Sariah Grace into our lives and hearts on September 13, 2011. As you can see, we all adore her!

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Happy Fifth Birthday, Selena!

 Dear Selena Beana,

Are we at FIVE already? Mama can't believe how quickly this year went, and how much you grew up during this year. You went from a little girl to a big girl so quickly.

You love life and live it fully. You spend every day using that vivid imagination of yours.  You build, design, color, arrange, and create things that make us shake our heads in wonder.

You don't eat peanut butter and jelly for breakfast every single day like you did last year. You like peach oatmeal, french toast, and banana streusel muffins. You are a perfectionist, taking clothes out of your cabinet and Shana's too - refolding them until they are exactly to your liking. You straighten the house and clean your room every day.

This year, you've risen to the occasion. When you found out Mama was going to have a baby, you were so very excited. What you didn't know, is that Mama was going to have a lot of pain and need to rest a lot. I couldn't have had a better daughter. You are always wanting to help, finding ways to assist me without being asked. I honestly don't think I could have gotten through these months as easily without you. You seem to know just what I need. Thank you sweetheart!

You are learning so much about God, and teaching it to your sister. You truly have a desire to obey the Lord, and we are so happy about that.

What a good sister you are, helping Shana go potty and get dressed. She adores you, and no wonder! You make her life so interesting, and it makes me so happy to see the two of you with your dolls in your room, all wrapped up and cozy together in your bunk bed.

Your smile gets more beautiful every day, your hugs are more loving, and Daddy and Mommy look forward talking to you and discovering what is going on in that active brain of yours. Don't change. We love every single part of you. We are so proud of you for growing up, but we don't want to forget anything. We remember that pink bundle we brought home from the hospital, and how much we loved you. Can you believe we love you a gazillion times more now?

So happy birthday, beautiful five year old you. May this year be one of learning and growing. May you grow further in your knowledge of the things of Christ. 

With lots and lots of love,


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Playing with Felt

I wish I had a picture to post of the girls playing with the felt doll set my mom gave them for Christmas. I stole one from www.thefeltsource.com!

This was such a brilliant idea for constructive play for my girls, that I wanted to share it.

My mom made each of the girls a felt board, putting a label with their names on the back. They are very careful that they get the right board when I allow them to get their felt sets out.

Selena and Shana each got two ziploc bags with a felt doll, and all of her clothes and accessories all cut out. I think my mom and Neesie spent a lot of time doing this, and I am so thankful!

Here is the description from the website: The 8" girl dolls are Lindsey, Maria, Mikko, and Keisha. They are used just like the old fashioned paper dolls except that they never wear out and like all of the felts at The Felts Source they are hand washable!

The really neat thing about these sets is that they each come with a Christian story that includes the other dolls as well as all the outfits that come in the sets. When I tell you that this provides hours of play for my girls, I am not joking. Today they had their felt boards set up on the floor between their beds, and were imagining all sorts of wonderful things. I didn't hear from them for an hour and a half!

There are boy dolls available too. I'm considering getting the girls the felt dollhouse or the story sets as well, since they like the dolls so much.

If you are interested in getting these dolls for your family, the website is here.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Two Saturday Mornings for Two Girls

Early one Saturday morning, two weeks ago, a little girl was swooped out of her bed by her Daddy. He dressed her quietly and quickly, but not before another little nightgown clad figure appeared at our bedroom door with a questioning face and furrowed brow.

"Your week is next week," the little anxious one was told.

An little over an hour later, Daddy and oldest daughter came home bearing goodies in a brown bag, and we got to hear about the breakfast date with Daddy.

A week later, the smallest girl was similarly whisked out of bed and hurriedly dressed. Her older sister was still snoring in her mountain of pink blankets. With a giggle and a wiggle she gave me a big kiss and practically flew downstairs with her Daddy.

When she returned, she walked on air, prattling on and on about her Dunkin' Donuts trip. She danced all morning with a glow on her face.

The girls are already talking about their May dates with Daddy and the fun they will have. Who knows, maybe I'll get one too!