Thursday, April 21, 2011

Two Saturday Mornings for Two Girls

Early one Saturday morning, two weeks ago, a little girl was swooped out of her bed by her Daddy. He dressed her quietly and quickly, but not before another little nightgown clad figure appeared at our bedroom door with a questioning face and furrowed brow.

"Your week is next week," the little anxious one was told.

An little over an hour later, Daddy and oldest daughter came home bearing goodies in a brown bag, and we got to hear about the breakfast date with Daddy.

A week later, the smallest girl was similarly whisked out of bed and hurriedly dressed. Her older sister was still snoring in her mountain of pink blankets. With a giggle and a wiggle she gave me a big kiss and practically flew downstairs with her Daddy.

When she returned, she walked on air, prattling on and on about her Dunkin' Donuts trip. She danced all morning with a glow on her face.

The girls are already talking about their May dates with Daddy and the fun they will have. Who knows, maybe I'll get one too!


Stacy said...

That is SO sweet!

Patti said...

Such a sweet post, Bev. And such a sweet tradition Edie is enjoying with his girls.

Gabrielle and her daddy have been enjoying dates for many years now. She just turned 21...and she STILL looks forward to days when she and daddy do breakfast or take in a football game together, just the two of them.

I hope you are feeling well and that the little Smith is growing healthy and strong.


Jaime said...

My kids love 'dates' with Daddy too! He alternates weeks, first Noah one week, then Eli the next, etc, etc. Although, my boys have declared that boys don't go on 'dates', so they have 'excursions' with Daddy instead;)

Heather said...

That is awesome! I really wish my husband could/would do something like this with our daughter! I remember date days with my dad and they are still come of my most cherished memories. Your girls are lucky!

Tera said...

So sweet! I definitely remember the alone time I had growing up with my daddy too.

urbanpastor said...

You are such a gifted writer, and a truly inspirational Woman of God.

Blessings as you continue your journey with your little ones, your beloved husband, and the Lord

In Him
Marian Kennedy-Brooks