Friday, April 08, 2011

Lately ...

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Lately the weather hasn't seemed to be able to make up its mind! We have hot days, cold days, snowy days, rainy days, and they are sometimes rolled into one week. But inside our home, I've been busy with just holding things together. This pregnancy has been my weariest, but also my most laid back and relaxed. The girls are so excited at the prospect of a new little one to love and bother. They have such plans for this baby! We've been hearing prayers like this at Bible time: "Dear God. Um ... is it a brother or a sister? And, do we need a van? And, um, please help the baby to grow big and strong, and help Mommy not to be so tired." (Lena) "Dear Lawd. Dank you bor dis day. Dank you bor brudder or sister." (Shana)

Lately I've been loving to make this recipe (thank you - oh - thank you Pioneer Woman). We like to call it Mackey and Roni, as it was aptly named by Shana.

Lately I've been wondering how we can be thinking about starting homeschooling already. Wasn't it just yesterday that I was dressing her in baby gowns?

Lately I've been napping with the girls. Oh how I look forward to my snuggly red blanket and an hour to drift off and rejuvenate.

Lately our Selena has been so interested in spiritual things. We are so encouraged, and we are answering all her questions with joy in our hearts!

Lately I've been so thankful for E, who is always there to make my day wonderful. Whether he's stopping in for lunch, making up inventive games for the girls, or rubbing my back, I thank God for him.

Lately ... I've also been missing blogging, and I am SO glad to be writing again!


Brooke from The Bluestocking Guide said...

It's been an age! Glad to see you post!

Stacy said...

Love you!

Audra said...

How fabulous that your daughter is asking spiritual questions! I pray we have those questions soon! And, that mac n cheese recipe... I know what is for dinner tonight! Yum! Enjoy a nice nap today!

Anonymous said...

I love how they are already now welcoming a little sibling!

And how we missed YOU blogging! It is great to have you around again.

My best friend lately followed my sidebar and read your blog too (she did not comment since she is German) and she was amazed how much love for your girls each post was showing. You were a huge inspiration for her.

Maxine said...

Aww. This was nice. Sorry I missed it. Loved hearing about my girlies. Hang in there.

Heather said...

What a great post! I will pray that the Lord continues to help Selena grow and that you will have the answers she seeks!