Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Three Years, Shana!

Dear Shana,

Can our bouncy, big brown eyed sweetie really be THREE today? It is hard to believe! So many changes have happened in our family lately, but one thing will never change. Do you know what that is? Can you guess? It is our love for you, little one.

Every day, you bring joy to all of us. You are always telling us how much you love us, or giving us hugs and snuggles. You make us laugh when you pronounce your words in your own special way. Fly is Bee- yi. Floor is Bee-yore. And you like things "berry berry much!"

We always thought of you as the little sister, but you are now a BIG sister. You've turned into such a big girl. You give Sariah her pacifier, tuck her into her bassinet, and kiss her every hour. At the same time, you are doing preschool with Mommy, coloring about 40 pictures a day, and asking Daddy to take them all to work with him!
I hope you have a day filled with baked oatmeal, mackey and roni, cake, and lots of time to Pee- yay! (Play) And please, baby, don't grow up too quickly, because I am just loving you to pieces at this age.

Hugs and Kisses. Love you always, Miss THREE year old!



Brooke from The Bluestocking Guide said...

Happy birthday Shana.

Maxine said...

Aww, Happy birthday, to our sweet little Shae-Shae!!