Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Happy Birthday, Shana Elizabeth

Shana Bain! You have waited so long to be FOUR. I remember when you were oh so little, with big chocolate eyes and a lot of curly, silky hair. You are still the same you - big brown eyes, and so much hair for Mama to play with!

I hope you have a wonderful day that is "sparkle-yee, and be-yooo-tiful." You are such a sweetheart. You care so much for each one of us. Even when you are still half asleep in the morning you make sure Daddy has his "yunch." You cry if it is foggy because you worry that Daddy will get lost in the "bog." You rub Selena's back for her because you know she likes it. You play with Sariah all day long and run to get everything she needs. You give Mama massages, and you even take such wonderful care of your dollies. You have so many, and you know when one is missing, or lying in the wrong order on your pillow. You are going to make an awesome Mommy one day!

There are too many things I like about you to list them all, but here are a few:

your beautiful, contagious smile

your sparkle-yee eyes

your sweet snuggles

your graceful twirls ~ you will spin, dance, and twirl anytime and anywhere!

Sweetheart, mama loves you to pieces and more than I can ever describe. Happy, Happy Birthday.

Love, Mama

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