Monday, September 03, 2012

Selena ~ Six Years Old!

Selena Beana.

You are six years old today. This just seems so old to us. I've been thinking about the day you were born, and how I woke up in our apartment knowing that the pains I was having meant that I was going to meet you soon.

Six years ago you made me a mama. It has been more wonderful than I could ever imagine to watch you and your sisters grow. Daddy and I enjoy you girls so very much. You make us laugh every day.

Things I love about you:

Your smile. It lights up your face and my heart!

Your hunger to learn more about God. You read your Bible story book every day, and Daddy and I are so excited to give you your first real Bible this year.

Your reliability. We can always count on you to be the big sister! You are very responsible, and we love that about you.

You never give up! When you want to learn something, you keep trying until you get it. You are going to do so well in first grade.

 Oh, and I love it when you say that you love me and Daddy as far as the moon and all the planets that are planets, and that used to be planets and aren't anymore, and all the way back. We love you that much too! You have no idea, sweet girl.

Remember when we got to go out on Saturday, just the two of us? I loved spending time with my big girl. I love it when we just snuggle and talk about things. I hope you always love talking to me about what's important to you.

I hope you enjoy your birthday, big girl. Mama loves you. Always and forever. 


Brooke from The Bluestocking Guide said...

Happy birthday Selena!!

Maxine said...

Kisses and hugs to Lena. So thankful for her!