Thursday, May 29, 2008

Things I'm Lovin'


About this new big girl bed thing:

1. Being able to kiss her goodnight before I go to bed.

2. Putting a little surprise pile of books at the foot of her bed so that she can read in bed after a nap.

3. Teaching her to straighten up her bed (we try anyway!)

4. Quiet reading time is now quiet room time, but it is even more wonderful now that she has a choice of things to do.

Things still on the burner for this summer:

1. Deciding whether or not to nix the pacifier before baby comes or let her still have it at night and naptime to get her through the rough patches. I'm thinking ahead to mommy - in - the - hospital times! Any advice??

2. We've been talking a lot about the potty. She goes occasionally, but I'd like to try to conquer this before there is an infant around.

Things that are status quo:

1. Our begonia is still living, and thriving!!

2. Spring cleaning is going to drift into summer :-)

3. Mr. S is doing a lot of organizing, and I'm sooooo thankful for his help.

4. Sciatica is on again, off again ... but we are doing well with it. Lena is helping me pick things up off of the floor so I don't have to bend over. She's so grown up now!

5. Mr. S and I have had such nice times together lately - whether it be cooking in our snug kitchen, talking until late in the night wrapped in blankets, or laughing until we feel sick. (If you know Mr. S well, you'll know that he loves to be funny, and his wife loves to laugh at him)! It has been really refreshing to me - and I'm thankful for it.

Just a brief update - hope everyone is well!!!!!


Neesie said...

Hahaha. Nice post!

Tera said...

Awww, It's wonderful to have such a loving relationship with your hubby. So excited to hear Lena is doing great in her big girl bed! If this helps, we took Braylee's paci away at 21 months before #2 arrived a few months later and she did fine. Also, I'll keep praying on the potty-training! That was my goal too and Braylee was potty-trained 3 weeks before sister's arrival...just in time!! Enjoy your day with your little sweetie!

Anonymous said...

:-) I so much love visiting your blog.

My friend talked her daughter off the pacifier in telling her the new baby needed it, or it wouldn't have one. Not worse than Santa or Tooth Fairy I guess and it worked THAT well ;-)

Cathy said...

I'm glad you are feeling better and all is going well. It's wonderful you have such sweet helpers and a funny husband to entertain you. :)

Maxine said...

One thing I will comment on: Yes, Mr. S is funny, even when he's trying to annoy his mother-in-law.

I am so sad that I have not seen the new room. It has seemed like an eternity since we've been there, but never fear, finals will be over very very soon!

Sarah said...

My advice on the potty thing, don't push it, it can actually make it take longer. We ran into that with Emma. We pushed her a bit right before Chloe was born and continued pushing. It wasn't until we let her have a break and started over on a more relaxed note that she finally did it. She is just now, at almost four, completely night and day trained, but this success only happened recently, and believe me, we tried EVERYTHING! The encouragement I have about it is, don't stress, it WILL happen eventually and then you'll feel silly for getting so stressed over something that each child learns in their own time.

Barbara C. said...

Hi Bev - I'm just reading this now - toooo busy this time of year!! I can't get Facebook at school, but I can get this. Just wanted to comment on the bedmaking.... I couldn't stand to see anything uneven, so I always fixed it when they were done... but who saw it anyway? I should have just let it be. I'm glad Lena is such a good helper! Have a blessed week!

Sara said...

I LOVE the picture that goes with this post! SOO cute! :)

Jaime said...

I love reading about what makes other stay at home mom's happy! It's the little things that count, right? I wish I lived close by so I could stop in for tea, enjoy our little happy happenings, and talk about our soon-to-be babies! For now, I'll just have to be happy that my computer is actually letting me comment without freezing up :)


Yes, the little one is getting older and able to do many more things.

My advice on the pacifier is to let her keep it at least for a while after the baby comes. In my experience(of course my boys were bottle fed, in was done that way when my boys were born) the one just younger always wanted the baby's bottle. It might not be that way for you but if so, at least she want feel cheated. What fun lies ahead for you. Such a great life. My husband likes to be funny also and I am loving it even to this day. connie from texas

Baptist Girl said...

My husbands sense of humor attracted me most. He made me laugh, he made a shy woman come out her shell, he loves me more then any other person has, except my Lord. It is a blessing to have husbands and children that bring us such from our heavenly Father.