Saturday, May 24, 2008

Just thinking about things ...

Everyone is talking about the recent tragedy that has occured in the Chapman family. It has been in my thoughts so much. We don't know what may happen in the blink of an eye ...

May God give them the strength to bear it.

I'm turning off my sidebar music for a few days. In the quiet - just breathe a prayer with me. A prayer for comfort for a grieving family, and a prayer of thanksgiving for all God's mercies to each of us.

Before I went to bed on Thursday, I tiptoed into Lena's room and dropped to my knees beside her toddler bed. With my head on her pillow, I kissed her tiny curls goodnight. Each day is precious - a gift. Have a blessed Lord's Day and a wonderful holiday weekend.


Maxine said...

Yes, it's been a week to reflect. And yes, each day is precious. God willing, see you at church.

Neesie said...

Good idea...quietness.
Time to reflect.
Thank you for a thoughtful and thought-provoking post.
Each day is a blessing from God.

*Thinking and praying for the Chapman family*