Monday, April 21, 2008

Mrs Purple Thumb and her Little Gardener

Today I decided to help Lena plant her flower, which we now know is a Tuberous Begonia. Thank you so much to everyone who helped out with this!


We had a beautiful day to work in our little backyard. Above is the LG. Mrs PT was unavailable for photos.


The Little Gardener put her soil in the pot, counting as she went: "One, doo, free, four, five, six, deven, ate, nine, ten, yellow ..." Yellow? I don't know why she says yellow for eleven, but it works for her!


We carefully placed her begonia in the pot. The little gardener didn't want to touch it with her bare hands, so Mrs Purple Thumb had to help out.


More soil, and more counting to yellow.


Some water, but most escaped to the ground!


Time to take the pot to the front yard.


On the way, we discovered that out tulips are starting to come up on the side of our house!


Doesn't it look perfect? Hopefully this area is shady enough! We'll keep an eye on it.


Back to the back yard to plant some basil, oregano, and tomatoes. We'll start the seeds in little pots first.




We had fun gardening, but all good things must come to an end. We ended our morning with a good hand washing for Mrs. Purple Thumb and her little gardener, as well as a cold glass of water for each.

We'll keep you posted. Can Mrs PT and her LG keep these plants alive and thriving?


Maxine said...

Wish I could have been there! Looks like lots of fun. May the Lord help your little garden to grow!

Stacy said...

That was just about the cutest post EVER. I love that photo of her toddling through the open gate. SO cute!


Tera said...

So cute! I'm sure Lena will take wonderful care of her new begonia! :)

Beka said...

That was unbearably cute! The hat... the little shovel... so precious.

I love your new blog design too-- it's much easier to see the pictures with this one :-)

Cathy said...

Oh, Beverly, that is just adorable. I loved it. Tell little Lena she did a great job, and I think your new plant is just beautiful. :) And it is wonderful she can count to "yellow."

Jaime said...

Don't you just love having little ones to garden with? They make the 'ordinariness' of everyday life seem so much more interesting!


That was such a sweet post. You little one is growing so fast. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. connie from Texas

I love your new blog look. It is very pretty.

Mimi said...

this is so adorable...I tried and tried to comment the other night but my computer was being ugly...and would not let me enter any comments...
just wanted to tell you that your little gardener will keep your garden beautiful all her life.....
she is the prettiest flower of all!!
such a fortunate little mother you are...

Cathy said...

Yes, you two little gardeners can do it! I'm so happy your begonia is thriving and pretty. A wonderful job planting, little Lena and Mother ~