Thursday, April 12, 2007

You Alone Make Me Dwell In Safety

"I will both lie down in peace, and sleep; For you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety."

Psalm 4:8
This is one of the verses in our treasure box, and it is filed under "sleep." However, last night, while we were sleeping, the Lord cared for us.
This morning, Mr. S kissed us both goodbye, and made his way to his car. Lena and I were playing on the bed. About five minutes later, Mr. S walked back into the bedroom. I was startled as I thought he had already left.
He informed me that someone had broken into our car. The glove compartment was open, and papers were strewn all over the front seat. Our middle console was open as well.
It didn't appear that anything was missing. I went out and checked, too ... feeling violated as I looked at our things scattered. The stroller was even still in the trunk.
When the police came, he informed me that there are thieves targeting our neighborhood. He told me to make sure to lock our doors. He said that people in our area have been complacent, leaving their doors unlocked, and losing very expensive property.
Thank you Lord for caring for us and keeping us safe.
Thank you that they didn't even take anything.
He has made us dwell in safety.
Happy weekend, friends.


Beka said...

Oh dear. That is so scary! I am very thankful that God kept you safe and that the thieves did not take anything. I will be praying for your peace of mind and continued safety.
And I LOVE that verse you started with.
ps. So how did E get to work... he couldn't take the other car either, right?

Maxine said...

I have an idea. Since these guys apparently want electronic things, let's get a bunch of inexpensive CD players,leave them in our cars, and program them to somehow loudly play a CD saying "REPENT and BELIEVE THE GOSPEL." Maybe it will set them to thinking. Don't laugh, people have come up with some pretty innovative ways to witness.

Seriously, though, you know how thankful I was when I got your early call that it was only the car that had been tampered with and you were all okay. God was merciful, indeed.

Beba said...

Scary. Thank God that nothing was missing! God bless you and keep you ok. When you said that people keep their doors unlocked i wander how this can happen now a days. In Serbia, only in a really small towns we can afford something like that, other ways, we live locked...

Anonymous said...

Wow, this sounds frightening, even if so little happened.
And its also annoying, because you will have to have some damage repared, right?

I remembered how I felt violated, when a few years ago someone unnoticed stole some contents out of my purse when I was shopping in our town.
(But I still have a mischievous grin in my face, when I think that the thief did not get my wallet out of my purse, but only a small wallet-looking purse with 'women's stuff' in it *lol* - would have liked to see his face when finding Tylenol etc. instead of money.)

dani-hermit-be-gone said...

I'm grateful for our Papa's awesome protection over you and your roost! Thanks for the reminder of just what kind of care we are under..

Joel and Jaime said...

So glad this whole situation turned out fine for you! God is merciful!

Sara said...

Oh my! That is really scary- praise God you were protected and nothing was taken!

Elise said...

Yuck. It does feel violating, doesn't it. Praise God for your safety. And let's pray for the thieves, as Jesus would.

MrsCatherine said...

Dearest Beverly,

I finally posted my 5! Thank you again!

xoxo Cat