Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Any Advice?

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Watch out pedestrians! We have another driver on the road! See how she expertly parked the car in my parents driveway?

Okay, Okay, I'm just kidding. She isn't that precocious.

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But we do have a crawler. She took off yesterday and actually crawled halfway across the room.

This is scary to me now as I get down on her level and see the world through her eyes. I see paper clips (dropped by yours truly), sockets, two flights of stairs, cabinets just begging to be opened, and power cords.

I have socket covers which I'll probably put in today. I'm thinking I also need at least two gates, cabinet safety locks, and something to stretch across the spindles of my stairway.

What other things do I need? Also, what do you do about power cords? Just teach them "no," and that you mean it when you say it?

I turned around for a minute this morning, and when I looked at her she was halfway inside Mr.S's briefcase ... trying to crinkle all of his papers.

Any advice on child proofing would be greatly appreciated at this juncture ...

Hopefully I will stop in later this week with a more profound post!


Sara said...

Awwww...she is such a cutie!!! And she's wearing her famous Easter hat in the first picture! I think it's so funny how she's "driving" the car too. I hope she stays safe as she continues to crawl and explore. :)

Stacy said...

OH! I am positively drooling over that sweet hat in the top photo! And your daughter? *She* is a little beauty!

As for advice, we kept our home pretty much the same (still plenty of no-no's to touch), but taught our little ones the word NO, and, like you said, we taught them that we meant what we said when we used the word no.

Blessings to you and your busy little girl today!

Maxine said...

If I ever see anything like THAT driving down the road, I'm never going anywhere by car again!
One caution that just came to mind: NEVER put any harmful substances in a cup, bottle or anything you normally would drink from. I know a tragic story about someone who did that with a Pepsi cup! And of course, keep those lock thingamajigs on the cabinets. They are a pain, but you gotta do it!
Yes, say "no" and mean it, but STILL watch her like a hawk! I know it's hard, but it's the only way to be sure. You're just getting started and you have our prayers!

Beka said...

SO where did she get her driver's license?

I can't believe she's crawling all of a sudden! How exciting... you'd better WATCH OUT!!

Have fun baby-proofing!

Joel and Jaime said...

Oh my goodness, she is so precious! Give her lots of hugs!!
As far as the child proofing goes, what we've done is 'child-proof' the really unsafe stuff, like sockets, cleaning cabinets, stair-tops, etc. The rest of the house we've just worked really hard on teaching the kids that 'Don't touch!' really means 'Don't touch!' It takes some patience, but they'll get it :)

Elise said...

So cute! She is precious, Beverly!
Well, we did do the "no - and we mean it!" thing for lots of stuff, which requires consistency, such as sitting nearby and swatting as they begin to reach, (before they touch, this is very important!) until they get it.
But we also really simplified, and used gates. There was a living room in our house with one door, and we had our tv downstairs, so we took out everything of danger, put up the gate, set the basket of toys in the corner, and let 'em play!
We have a great room at the parsonage now, so it's a little harder to contain, but we kept the simplicity we learned with the first two, and I'm more relaxed of course, so it's all good!
You're doing great! She is prayed over by many, so God is watching out for her.

Anonymous said...

Great thought of getting down on her level, I guess this is the first 'secret' on getting a safe home for kids. Most parents stay at their level and don't see what might get their kids attention...

Your daughter looks lovely in that pink dresses :-) ... I could never wear them when I was small, cause my hair has a clear red shimmer and this just doesn't fit.

Beba said...

She is beautiful. My daughter is 13 months old ( 14 month ) and she is still crawling, not really into " walking ".... I like this period when they explore things around them.... God bless you girls :0)

Andrea said...

You will get the "mama's eye" very soon and be able to see small objects with a single bond, and predict mishap before it actually happens. Some call it neurotic, but I call it instinct. *smile*