Thursday, March 29, 2007

Growing Up ...

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Why is the bassinette stripped of its linens and sitting by the front door ready to be returned to my sister-in-law?
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Why is my baby girl sitting up without any pillows behind her?
Because she is growing up. Part of me wants to applaud, and the other part wants to wipe a few tears away.
Along with the milestones she is learning, and the weight and height advancements (ok, very little in those categories, but she is growing!) -- my precious one is old enough to start learning other things.
To obey
To be patient
To share
... these are only a few of many!
It will soon be time to pull out our family treasure box. This is something I worked on while I was pregnant with Selena.
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It isn't fancy, but it has treasures inside!
If you open it, you'll see categories: Creation, God's Word, Goodness, Jesus' Death and Resurrection, Heaven, Hope, Obedience, Parents, Righteousness, Salvation, Sleep, The Tongue,Trust, and Truthfulness.
Inside each divider are index cards with applicable verses. I plan to memorize them with Selena ... maybe we can even work on them in family devotions when she gets older.
These are all I have so far, I need to work on storing more treasure!
I pray that we will guide her little feet into paths of righteousness.
A dear friend framed this poem for me before Selena was born. I'll share it with you. I tried to find the author online, but I wasn't successful. If you know who wrote this, please tell me so I can give credit where it is due.
"A careful woman I ought to be
a little girl follows me.
I do not dare to go astray,
for fear she'll go the self-same way.
Not once can I escape her eyes
whate'er she sees me do, she tries.
Like me, she says she's going to be
that little girl who follows me.
I must remember as I go
through summer sun and winter snow,
I'm molding for the years to be
that little girl who follows me."


Beka said...

How precious!
I can't believe how quickly Lena is growing up! It doesn't seem that long ago that we went up north to visit her for the very first time... and look at her now!

I think your Family Treasure Box is SUCH a wonderful idea.
And that poem is very, very special.

Uncle Mark and I pray that Lena will come to know Jesus as her Savior when she is still very young, and that He will bless and guide her throughout her life. We love you all and are so thankful for you!

Maxine said...

Oh my goodness. I don't remember that poem. It's sooooo good. And it is sooooo true! I had temporarily forgotten your treasure box! I am so thankful for it. And that's a GOOD list you have there. Some items are even on my Thursday Thirteen list. Now that makes Nanna happy!! I'll be praying and helping where I can.

Maxine said...

Oh, I forgot to say something else. I understand all about the tears. It's going to happen over and over again. For many different reasons. I cannot count all of the bittersweet moments. It's all a part of loving.

Neesie said... is sad to see her growing up so! Part of me wants her to stay that quiet little baby, but then the other part of me can't wait for her to grow up so that we can have dress up time, tea parties, baking time etc. You're doing a good job raising her so far and I am sure you will continue to do so in the future. Being my big sister you were and still are a wonderful, Godly example to me and I will always try to follow in your steps. Hopefully watching you raise your little princess will give me some good tips if God blesses me with children of my own oneday!

Joel and Jaime said...

Your heart is in the right place to enjoy many special moments with your daughter! Here is an interesting idea for Bible memorization. Since Cosette was old enough to copy hand motions (about 14-15 months?) we've been 'learning' Bible verses with her. I say the verse, and Cosette has specific hand motions that go with it. Even when she was little, she could always get the right motions. Now that she is starting to talk a good bit more, she often knows the words that go with these verses as well, just from us repeating them over and over. So, all that to say that you can start memorizing with them even before they can talk :)

Elise said...

Waaah! I feel the same way!

I love your treasure box! A blessed little girl, Lena is. Blink through the tears and grasp her tiny hand - she'll pull you forward, even when you want to stay in the NOW forever!


dani-hermit-be-gone said...

You have such a beautiful little girl Beverly! What a lucky child to have a treasure box with real treasure in it..

Beverly said...

Thank you for your comments ladies!

Beka: the fact that you and Mark pray for Selena is so special to us, and I know will be to her as well in the future. Thank you.

Mom: I might stick your Thursday Thirteen list in the treasure box as well!

Neesie: Thank you for your encouragement. The way Lena already follows you with worshipful eyes is definitely going to mean that she will look up to YOU.

Jamie: what a wonderful tip ... thank you so much for sharing it with us! I definitely am going to use your idea.

Elise: Yes, friend (lump in throat). I'm sure you feel the same way about your precious ones.

Dani: thank you so much. I'll be remembering you and your husband's desires in my prayers.

Sara said...

Selena really is growing up fast! I pray that she'll grow to love the Lord just as her parents do. Your idea of the treasure box is beautiful!

Karla Akins said...

What a beautiful blog! Thanks so much for sharing it on ChristianBlogPodcast!! :-)

Stacy said...

Ah, yes... the tears! I am the same way. Even with my third-- I get so sad when they leave one stage and grow into another one. ~Sob~
May you treasure each precious moment with her!
*Love* your treasure box idea! What a good mama you are!