Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Time to Give Thanks

Today, Selena and I were talking about Thanksgiving, and I had her make a thank you card for all of the things that she was thankful to God for. I wasn't surprised that the first thing she was thankful for was her "stistor, Shana."

Well, I am so very thankful for this,
and this,
and this,
and this.

And oh my, how can I forget the little fingerprints on my glass doors? I was noticing them today, indicative of little fingers playing"drum." Yes, I am thankful for fun times.

We noticed last week, that our house was very cold. Upon further inspection, we realized that our furnace had stopped working. I'm thankful that it was under warranty. I'm thankful that it is fixed, and we are toasty warm again.

I'm thankful for little things. Hugs, candles, tall mugs of steaming coffee. Thick books and the time to read them. Laughter. Blankets. Fuzzy Sweaters.

And I am thankful for family and friends near and far. My aunt went home to be with the Lord on Sunday, and she is now experiencing unspeakable joy. I'm thankful that we can rejoice for her.

And on that note, I'll take my leave. Because there is nothing that I could be more thankful for than the love of Christ - unchanging, merciful, free. Thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Jaime said...

Beautiful things to be thankful for :) Happy Thanksgiving to you and your precious family!

Sara said...

Beautiful post Bev! You have a very special family.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Cathy said...

I love your sweet pictures and post, Bev. Thanks for your sweet visit. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Maxine said...

And I am thankful for all of you!

Neesie said...

That was so sweet! Happy Thanksgiving. :-)

Sarah said...

Sweet Beverly!
I love the word pictures you paint, you are blessed friend, and I am blessed by you every time I stop by. Sorry I haven't commented in awhile, it's hard to make time sometimes, but I love you and think of you often.

Appletree said...

Your girls are so precious, I totally adore this sister love :-)

Sending a thanksgiving hug, I am thankful that we "met".

Bluestocking said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

McKenzie Elizabeth said...

Very sweet post! The little ones are too cute:)