Friday, December 11, 2009

Mama's Heart


A mama's heart loves. Like a mother bear protecting her cub, a mama fiercely loves her children.

A mama's heart melts. In a second, all frustrations melt away with the touch of little dimpled hands or a baby kiss.

A mama's heart yearns. With all of her being, a christian mama wants her children to love Him as she does.

A mama's heart weeps. When her child hurts, she feels it deep within. When her child hurts others, she is weighed down with the knowledge of her child's deeds. When others hurt her child, she mourns, and wishes she could take the pain away.

A mama's heart rejoices. With every achievement, milestone, and joy, her heart sings.

Today was a day filled with sweet mama moments, and I am savoring each one. Hope you are all well!


Mimi said...

indeed, a mama's heart never stops savoring each moment with her children...then it just expands more to include her grand children...
you are very blessed!!!

Sarah said...

oh so true Bev:), thanks for sharing.

Maxine said...

I sure do aree with Mimi. All of this is so true.

Baptist Girl said...

Amen, you don't realize how much you love your child until you seen them hurt by circumstance or by someone hurting them. The pain is worse then someone hurting you. Can you imagine how our Father feels when someone hurts us?

Baptist Girl said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family .