Monday, November 16, 2009

We've been absent ...

News from our little household has been slim lately, hasn't it? I do miss blogging here regularly, but will stop in as I can.

God has continued to fill our home with the laughter of our little ones. Selena is progressing in her quest for learning to read, slowly but surely. She can read simple (three letter) words, and is learning to sound out. We studied apples in September, pumpkins in October, and we are studying turkeys this month. She helped make apple pie and pumpkin muffins too! Shana joins us as we read and color, her little hands busy trying to take Lena's papers or knock over her carefully planned building blocks. It is a good learning experience for both of them! Lena is mama's helper, and is growing so quickly. I am so thankful for my intuitive girl who has inherited mommy's talkative nature!

Shana has very little to say, but her eyes tell us everything. She is simply sweet with her impromptu kisses and hugs. She is very purposeful in her play -- stacking plates and cups, pretending to fold laundry, and clapping and singing. Her favorite word is "Neenaa." She is always at my feet when I am cooking or cleaning, watching and imitating.

I am reminded every day of the blessings God has given me:

I simply love being a mom. Especially to these two girls who drink in every word I say, imitate my every move, and teach me where I've sinned without even knowing it.

How wonderful to be able to live, love and share common goals with my very best friend in the whole world. Watching my husband with my girls has increased my love and respect for him. He takes the time to listen and to teach.

What am I working on? My organization!! It seems I do this every year, because my tendency is to be extremely organized for a short period of time, and then fall into old habits. I need to develop a system for my coupons. Right now they are in a basket next to my bed, and this isn't working as well. I also need to go through our entire file system and put old paperwork in banker boxes.

How are all of you? How are you enjoying fall? It hasn't been very cold this fall, so it doesn't seem quite right that Thanksgiving is just around the corner!

Check my sidebar for Speakable Gifts' Christmas list. My mom and I are hoping that everyone who buys presents at Christmas time, will consider at least one spiritual or at least character building gift this year!



I am so happy to see that your sweet family is doing just great. Growing and loving each other.

I too,love being a Mother, not so much needed in that area any more but it is wonderful having grown children that are your friends and have the one thing that really matters in common.To love the Lord our God with our whole hearts. I love having such good friends.

I stopped by to wish you and yours a VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING and to say how thankful that I have been for you and your friendship and for your sharing of your life on this blog. It brings back so many wonderful memories to me of that time in my life. love to you, connie

Appletree said...

Hehe, organisation is something I guess will never be perfect at my house but I am struggling and every now and then a new idea just WORKS and this single spot stays tidy and organised. Way to go though.

I always love to read a tiny little bit of your life, so I know you and your lovely family are fine.

(((hugs))) Helen

Baptist Girl said...

Reading your blog always makes me miss the times when my children were small. Time flies by so quickly. The days ahead for us are building memories but I miss having my children in hand's reach.
Enjoy, they gorw fast as I ma sure you know Beverly.