Thursday, April 16, 2009

Today at our House


So what is going on at our house today?

Outside, our daffodils are nodding their yellow heads to the beat of the breeze. The sun has come out with fervor, blessing us with warmth and light.

We are on "spring break" with preschool, mainly because I need time to plan what Selena will be learning next. I just got some phonics flashcards and am not thrilled with them. I'm currently scouring the web, and other resources for ideas.

Potty training has us somewhat stumped. And yes, I am the girl who once taught preschool and basically potty trained fourteen kids at once. Sigh. Lena is almost there if she could get past her fear of going - you know what - in the potty each day. If we could get past this obstacle, we'd pretty much be there. Any ideas?

I potted a tomato plant and basil plant with Selena's help, and they are growing at a rapid rate. I may add a couple more things this weekend - we'll see.

Today we went to visit Daddy at work, and we went to the library. Lena took all of her "new" books into her room, but fell asleep before she could read them!

Lena is learning many lessons this week. Shana has started to reach for and grab all of her toys, and knock over her blocks when she lines them up or stacks them. We've been able to talk about sharing often, and I couldn't be happier that these teachable moments are presenting themselves.

After the girls get up from their nap, we'll probably read for a while, and then have a girly dinner since Daddy will be at a dinner meeting. Our girly dinner tonight will be macaroni and cheese with salad, and strawberry ice cream for dessert.

After the girls go to bed, I am going to get my fuzzy blue blanket, heat up my rice bag, and watch Cranford until my sweetie gets home!

SO ... this post turned out to be totally boring! Hope you are all well. Hugs from our house to yours.


Maxine said...

Enjoy your girly evening. Hope you get some time to relax in all of this. Kiss the girlies.

Cathy said...

Not boring at all, dear Bev. That is a beautiful picture of the daffodil. And you and Lena are so smart to plant the tomato plant and basil. I think you do a great job with your girls.

Tera said...

Yum, mac and cheese! Here's my suggestion for may be that it's a bit painful to go potty...and then holding it or anticipating it makes it worse. You can give her a 1/2 capful of Miralax with a drink each day. It softens the stools and helps her be more regular. I've mentioned this to several friends and it has done wonders for their little ones on this issue. HTH! (Just to warn you, the miralax will probably say not to use in children but it has been indicated in children for years now...not sure why the label hasn't changed. We used to prescribe it all the time before it went OTC.)

Anonymous said...

So nice to know you are fine. I have been out in the garden, too - spring is so much proceeding here, it is amazing!