Friday, April 10, 2009

Shana is 6 Months Old!

So when did my baby get to be so old? Our little Shana. Ready to crawl, full of joy, jumping bean, Shae Shae. Her chubby little fingers have wrapped themselves around our hearts.
The girls hold hands and snuggle every morning when they wake. Lena and I are drowsy while Shana is bright eyed and all smiles. This morning, Selena asked me if Shae Shae could stay with us. Of course she can, she's your sister, I said. She lives with us, she's a part of our family.
Things I adore about Shana:
Her absolutely totally joyous smile - it brings happiness to all of us
Her independence
Her sticky uppy hair which is wildly crazy in the morning
Her little grabby hands that are always reaching for something (right now it is her sister's hair)
Her fake cough
Her slobbery kisses
Her LOUD voice
Her rare cuddly times when she just lets me snuggle her up to my face and rock her
Her expressive eyebrows which are usually up in the air
Her eyes - they are her daddy's
Once again I am in awe of God's provision and blessing in giving her to us, just as he blessed us with her sister. We love you so much, Shae Shae.


Christine said...

Happy 6 Month Birthday Shae! I can't believe that our little ones are getting so BIG! I've been enjoying spending time with you girls, and have especially been enjoying those beautiful Shana smiles. God has given you such a beautiful family Bev!

Stacy said...

YAY! Happy half-birthday, Shana! :)
(She's adorable, Beverly!)

Cathy said...

Aw, an absolutely adorable picture, Bev! Your little one is growing so.
You all have a Happy Easter!

Maxine said...

Happy one-half, Shae-Shae! We love you!!! PopPop and Nanna

Sarah said...

Oh that sweet peewee! I just picture she and Sawyer giving those slobbery grins to each other, grabbing at each others clothes. Your description of her gave me a great picture of her little personality.
Happy Easter!

Neesie said...

I can't believe that it has been 6 months already! I remember that looong day waiting for her to come...thinking about what kind of personality she would have. Trying to imagine having another little one around all the time. Now, I can't imagine life without her. :-)

Anonymous said...

She is a total darling - I love her hair :-) ... and I cannot believe that it is already SIX MONTHS when I read about her birth here...

Beka said...

Happy one-half birthday, sweet Shana!

She was too cute on Sunday, with her little snaggle-tooth, talking for the whole church to hear :-)

Baptist Girl said...

She is just so sweet! You have two lovely daughters..6months time sure flies by doesn't it. :)