Monday, April 20, 2009

When Shana is a "big girl," and able to do more for herself, I'll want to remember what it was like to hear her babbling on the monitor for me to come get her from her crib.

I'll want to remember the dinner out that we had when she spit up on me about five times, drenching me thoroughly. When Selena is a "big girl," and doesn't need Mommy so much, I'll want to remember the nights when I returned to her room a second time and she would say, "Mommy I love you sooo much - can you just hug me for a little while?"

I'll want to remember how she loved socks, applesauce, and her Bible CD from Uncle Khuram and Aunt Charissa, memorizing every song and blessing her daddy and mommy with the singing of them.

When Shana is running and jumping and playing games like a pro, I'll want to remember when I could hold her close and rock her in our glider.

I'll want to remember when her whole face would light up at the sight of Daddy, Mommy and sister.

When Selena has real friendships and it isn't just Mommy, Lena, and Shana anymore, I'll want to remember the mornings we did preschool while Shae grabbed at Lena's papers. I'll want to remember the hours of reading Little Bear books, and building castles for her horsies.
The giggles and the messes, and the times I let her stand on her little white stool and help me cook.

When the girls are old enough to sit still, I'll want to remember how we could never get a decent picture.

Because they are getting to be big girls so fast. Because they are doing more for themselves and depending less on me, I'll want to remember everything and never ever forget how wondrously tiring and fulfilling these days are.


Bethany said...

Beautiful!! And so peaceful. Thank you for this post.
The book did arrive, I meant to inform you earlier. I started it as soon as it came. Thank you so much!

Bluestocking said...

LOL! They really don't sit still do they.

Sarah said...

I needed this reminder today! Thanks sweet friend!
Love Sarah

Barbara said...

Thanks for your visit and comments. These allsound like memories worth remembering.

Tera said...

You sound like me. I try to cherish every little moment b/c I know it won't be long until they are too big to hold. Have you seen the book, "Let me Hold you Longer" by Karen Kingsbury? It makes me cry every time, but it is such a reminder of how quickly they grow up!

Sara said...

Bev, this is the most adorable post!! So sweet.

Neesie said...

This is sooooo sweet. :-)

Beka said...

Precious... just precious. So glad you're enjoying all these moments so much!
The pictures are great, too!

Jaime said...

I love these pictures! You have two beautiful girls! And I don't need to tell you to enjoy them, because you are already doing that :)

Baptist Girl said...

Hi Beverly,
I am just going around and wishing all my blog Moms HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO YOU ALL! I pray you have a wonderful day!