Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Note to Self - don't do this again.

Monday was a wonderful day. I went out with my two girls. We had a wonderful shopping trip and it was easy. I got really confident. Shopping with a toddler and an infant? Ha! No big deal. I decided to venture out again the next day. Well, after my outing on Tuesday that rivals even this one, I've learned my lesson.

On the docket Tuesday:

1. Go to bank

2. Go to Kohls - Christmas shopping that really needed to be done!

3. Go to Shana's dr appointment at 12 noon

4. Have as wonderful a trip as we did the day before.

I didn't mention that an ice storm was forecasted, but the meterologists on the news cheerfully told me that the storm wouldn't start until 3pm.

Item one on the list was checked off with no problem at all. Item two was more of a problem. We got out of the car, Shana in the stroller and Lena walking. Kohls was packed - we had to park really far away. I should have gone home at that moment, but I felt like I had to get the shopping done.

It also was raining lightly, so I picked Lena up and pushed the stroller with my other hand. We made it into the store and my Lena girl was FREE! She is not used to just being able to walk in a store. Since Shae can't sit up on her own yet, the double strollers that Kohls provides won't work for us.

Shana was wide awake and grumpy. Lena was happily prepared to run around the store like a newly released captive.

I knelt to her level and made her focus on me as I told her that she had to stay with Mommy and that I needed her to obey me right away when I told her to do something.

Her joy was dampened somewhat but I think she still had high hopes for the trip.

So we rolled along as I shopped (or tried to), talked Lena through the store and away from all of the interesting displays (at one point she was hugging a mannequin), and constantly rolled the carriage back and forth to keep Shae from crying. Finally, I decided I had had enough!

So I had Lena on foot, grumpy Shae in the stroller, a heavy bag of purchases, and my purse. We had to wait for a long time in line with a lot of grumpy fellow shoppers. I finally managed to jiggle Shana to sleep.

The grumpy cashier looked at me as if I had 10 heads. Maybe I did at that point, all I know is that I needed 10 arms. Lena was flashing smiles at him, trying to get attention, but he just gave her a blank stare. As we were preparing to leave, Lena couldn't get the zipper to her jacket up and told me that her jacket was "broken." Next thing I knew, she was crying about her jacket, and Shana was crying too. I bent down to pick her up and dropped everything I was holding. Help!!! I departed the store as everyone stared at me and no one offered to even hold the door.

We went out in the rain and this time I was carrying Lena and the big Kohls bag while pushing Shana. I felt something in my back wrench.

At the dr, I was WAY early so I fed both girls in the car. Lena was ready for her nap and I was exhausted and I felt my back and sciatica acting up.

The dr's appointment went well except that Shae had to get vaccinations. Lena was prepared for this, but as Shae got more and more upset, Lena started to cry and hug her. "Don't cry, Shae Shae! Don't cry!"

After the dr's appt, I breathed a sigh of relief until I was ready to leave and saw the sheet of ice that had fallen while I was in the office. Let me tell you, it wasn't anywhere near 3 yet either.
An elderly couple was at the door, the man was in a wheelchair. I opened my mouth to say "Can I help you to your car," when I realized that there was no way that I could help them and that the lady was offering to help me. I did allow her to open the door for me. We slipped and slid to the car barely staying upright. We fishtailed on the way home too - it was not a fun experience.

I was soooo glad to get home. I vowed never ever to leave my house again. All three of us took a two hour nap after that!!
By the way, we did go out again yesterday and it went well -- but I learned that overconfidence doesn't pay. There are times when you just can't be supermom!


Bluestocking said...

Oh Bev that's so funny!!! You should buy your own double stroller!! I'm glad you made it home all right.

Ice is no fun. Fortunately that day, it was merely raining in NJ. It's a 30 minute ride from the train station for me. You know how dark those roads are out where I live!!

Stacy said...

Oh, I'm sorry about your day!

Isn't it just SO much easier to stay home?! ~smile~ (That's what we do, for the most part!)


Patti said...

Thank you so much for your recent visit to my blog. I'm glad that my post about cherishing the moments ministered to your heart. I wish someone had shared with me all those years ago just how quickly our children grow. Sadly, there was never a true Titus 2 woman in my life, who encouraged me to put my all into my home and motherhood. I was continually encouraged to take care of me or to be more involved in the church, and as a result, I have an entire decade that I regret.

This story was SO funny. I know it was an experience not soon repeated for you, but your way of writing is SO hilarious.

I do hope that I would have been one of those shoppers that would have gotten the door for you. Sadly, though, I might well have been one of the shoppers looking at you, thinking, "Why doesn't this mom get control of her screaming kids." Those of us who no longer have little ones always seem to forget that we were you one day not so long ago. WE, too, had tired, cranky children who cried in the stores. We, too, needed help with the doors and all the packages.

On Wednesday, I had a day similar to yours, minus the rain, the stroller, and the crying babies. I had Ella (18), my son (17), and my 10 year old dog and my 2 month old puppy. We left the house at 9:30, for vet appointments, chiropractor appointments, post-surgery appointment for my son, the library, the bank, my husband's office (to show them the puppy), and a few other stops. After all the running around, I didn't get home until just past 5:00. My kids may not have needed a nap after all that, but their mom sure did!! I won't schedule all those appointments on one day again. (Of course, we don't generally have all those appointments)

Blessings to you,

Tera said...

Beverly, It's nice to know you have days like that too since you are a supermom! :) I'm glad you all made it home safely and can enjoy your cozy home.

Sara said...

Oh dear, that sounds like a rough shopping experience!! I'm sorry about your back--I hope it's better now. And shame on all these people in Kohls who wouldn't help you! Christmas can bring out the best and worst in us, right?

Andrea said...

oh, Beverly, I've had so many days like that I can't even count them!! I can't say it gets easier, but you learn to ignore everyone who "stares" at you. =) hugs!

Jodi said...

Oh my, you did have a day! I hate driving on ice, and I always tear up when one of my baby's gets shots. (I'm such a wimp!)

Some stores just seem to annoy children more, and I think there is just something about Kohl's. Is it the color scheme? I don't know!

A couple of years ago Jon (about 2 at the time) threw his much beloved Stinky Bear into the toilet at Kohls. Though I had done my best using paper towels to blot it to the point of soaking wet (as opposed to dripping wet) I had to ask the check out person for an extra plastic bag to carry poor Stinky home (because the only person willing to actually touch the poor thing was my weeping and wailing 2 year old who longed for his now germ infested bear so he could suck on his nose - yuck!). Of course, I had to raise my voice above the wailing to explain that Stinky had gone for a swim in Kohl's toilet, so everyone in checkout knew about our little issue. Today it's a funny memory - but not so funny then!

Hugs to you and your sweet family. Hope you get to spend lots of time this Christmas season snug and cozy at home!

Cathy said...

Oh, bless your heart, Beverly. You really had your hands full! I hope your back is okay. I'm glad you made it safely home. I guess you will get used to it. That is sweet about Lena trying to comfort the baby.

Mimi said...

save these posts until the girls get older and show it to them...
it is too funny!!!
I am glad you got home safely!!!
Have a blessed Christmas,