Monday, June 25, 2007

Colds, Cable Boxes, Strollers, and Small Spaces

What a day! I have been chuckling at myself since this morning. First of all, Selena has a cold. She was feeling so miserable yesterday that we weren't able to return to church for evening service. We have been enjoying staying at my parents in between services each week, but that also means that if one of us goes home ... we all must go! Okay, okay, since you are begging me, I'll tell you about our little trip today.

Background Info: We changed from Comcast Cable to Verizon FIOS. When one cancels cable service, one must return the digital set top box and remote or else!! We tried to return it Saturday, but the Comcast center was closed. We decided that I would return it on Monday. I had to do it because the center wasn't open early or late enough for hubby to take care of it.

This morning was rainy and drear. Selena was a runny, sneezing and coughing mess. When the rain let up, and she had gotten up from her nap a little happier, I saw my opportunity.

"Let's go return the Comcast box, boop-a-dees!" (another odd nickname that I made up myself!!)

I had to stop and change my shirt as I realized that some of the runniness from boopadees' nose had plastered itself onto me in several places.

Finally we were on our way. I found the place without event, but how would I get myself, Lena, the set top box, and the remote into the building?


Okay, maybe I could put Lena into the stroller, set the digital top box on top of the stroller or in the basket, and get us safely inside.

The digital box didn't look too happy on top of the stroller. I envisioned it crashing to the ground in so many millions of pieces.
So, Selena in her stroller, the remote in the cup holder, my purse falling off my shoulder, and the digital set top box ensconced under my arm unsteadily made our way to the door.
I happily watched a man walk toward us, only to see him disappear into the building next door. I opened the very heavy doors and scooted Selena backward into the entryway, banging her stroller on the way. For a minute or two, we were actually stuck in the doorway because the entryway was extremely small and we couldn't back up sufficiently to turn clear the doorway. I also noticed, as I was tugging on the stuck stroller, that Lena was licking snot off of her upper lip. Sigh.

Unfortunately, that doorway led to another, heavy, glass doorway. I managed to turn us around, and was backing through that doorway, when a tall man said --

"Oh! Let me help you!"

I thanked the tall man profusely as Lena batted her eyelashes at him and smiled through the snot that was dripping everywhere.
I turned with an apologetic smile toward the lady-behind-the-desk who did not return it. She looked at me sternly.
"Your phone number please," she stated firmly and without expression as I handed over the offending piece of equipment.
I managed to hold my dignity together enough to remember my phone number.
If you are wondering, I got stuck on the way out as well.
The irony in the situation was realized by me as the phone rang only 3 hours later. It was my husband, telling me that he was coming home early. He could have taken the box back himself. Sigh.



It usually happens that way. But just think if you had not gone you would have missed out on the fun. no. Well, you got to blog about it and we all had a chuckle with you. thanks. connie from Texas

Sara E. James said...

lol, poor Bev, and poor sick Lena. I bet the lady didn't smile because she was thinking "there goes another customer."

Maxine said...

I wish the others could have heard the story as you told it to me over the phone. I did feel awfully sorry for you as I rolled with laughter over the whole thing! Sorry we weren't there for you, dear.

A said...

At least when your honey came home, he didn't have to worry about that one more task. Did you benefit from some quality family time as a result? (Or as quality as time constantly wiping a sickly baby's nose can be?)? If so, you were a blessing to him, I'm sure!

My sympathy!

Anonymous said...

You should have seen me buying a new shelf on Saturday night. I put it together right before the eyes of one of my housemates, and teared the 30kgs shelf through the living room in my study to get it at the wall there.

Do you think, he moved even as little as a finger to help??

So I can imagine how it feels to have less hands than one needs.
And I don't have kids yet - guessing from you post, this will at least double the fun ;-)


Andrea said...

That has happened *so* many times to me! I always wonder why people don't offer to help. I've gotten to the point where sometimes I just say point blank: "Can you help me?!!"

Beka said...

Oh dear. Even though I was cracking up as I read this, I DID feel quite badly for you. What an ordeal... Hope the rest of your day was better!

Stacy said...

*Sigh* is right! I was feeling for you! I absolutely DREAD mall store entryways-- you know, the ones with the double doors, one outside, one in? I practically HUG anyone who holds a door. Otherwise I've found it's best to go backwards, pulling the stroller in while I can push the door open with my bum and hold it with my foot. Sounds like you had quite the adventure. I'm sure glad you met a tall gentleman to help you through!

Joel and Jaime said...

LOL! That was a funny story :) But I understand your frustration of trying to get around with little ones! I mostly feel it when I go to the grocery store--by the time I get both kids, my purse,and a diaper bag into the cart, I wonder "Now, where am I going to put the groceries?" ;)

Elise said...

Wow - I'm glad you've been chuckling over it! :)

You are a brave mama and loving wife to do what you did - and none the worse for wear!

(Seriously, though, looking sternly at *my* Bev? I don't think so! I need that lady's name and address, please!) :D