Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A Little of This and a Little of That

Thanksgiving was full of lovely smells and tastes. We visited Mr. S's side of the family. Much time was spent in the kitchen talking, cooking and tasting. So enjoyable ...

tired after all the festivities

We've been "Christmasfying" our house, and having fun in the process. We got a "real" tree for the first time, which was fun for Lena. We made it a fun process, and stopped at Smokin' Lil's afterward to bring home some yummy Southern BBQ.

I wanted to let her help me trim the tree, but abandoned that idea after about ten minutes of too much fun! While she was upstairs snuggly wuggly in her chair watching Little Bear, I snuck into the girls room and put up their little tree. Ah - it does resemble Charlie Brown's Christmas tree, but it is special nonetheless. We weren't disappointed at Lena's reaction when she saw her special surprise. After kissing the tree and running around her room in delight, she pulled at Shana's sleeper, saying "Look baby Shae Shae, its for you!!"

We had a brunch at our house last weekend, and my sis-in-law gifted me with a couple of recipes from her never ending supply of cookbooks and magazines. I wanted to share this recipe with you ...

Upside-Down Banana-Walnut French Toast Recipe 1 hour 15 min prep

An ooey-gooey do-ahead (1-24 hours) egg bake that will knock your socks off.



1 1/2 cups packed brown sugar

1/2 cup butter or margarine, melted

1/4 cup corn syrup

1/2 cup chopped walnuts

3 medium bananas, sliced

1 loaf sliced unfrosted firm cinnamon-swirl bread

6 eggs

1 1/2 cups milk

1 teaspoon vanilla


1. Spray bottom and sides of a 13x9x2-inch glass baking dish with cooking spray or grease with shortening. In a large bowl, stir together first four (4) ingredients then gently stir in the bananas. Spoon this mixture into the baking dish.

2. Reserving heels of bread for another use (feed the birds, they love cinnamon bread) arrange 2 layers of bread on banana mixture, tearing bread to fit if needed.

3. In a medium-size bowl, beat eggs, milk and vanilla until well mixed. Pour over bread. Cover tightly and refrigerate at least 1 hour but no longer than 24 hours.

4. Heat oven to 325°. Uncover casserole and bake 45-50 minutes or until knife inserted in center comes out clean. Serve portions upside-down, spooning sauce from bottom of dish over each serving.

We're still spending a lot of time at home. Shana has gotten sick twice already, and she is only 8 weeks old. It has been really cold too. We are finding plenty to do at home. Lately it has been a never ending round of tea parties. Lena, basket over her arm, cooks many delicacies that Shana and I are obligated to try.

happy Shae Shae

Shana is growing quickly and I have learned to cherish these times. I don't know when Lena grew so fast. I must have blinked -- so I'm keeping my eyes open this time!

Hope your home is full of love and warmth and wonderful memories this week ...


Bluestocking said...

Has the baby caught a cold??

Sara said...

The brunch was so nice, and the food was absolutely delicious! Thanks so much for sharing the recipe for the French Toast...it was soooo yummy. Shana really is growing fast, and Lena is growing up too! That was so cute when she called down to us and said "Helllooo down there!!" What a cutie! =)

HOPE said...

I love new recipes..this sounds like a winner!

I was surprised by the brunch photo...

WOW..there's SARA!! ;)

You both are such lovely young ladies...it's a blessing to read both your sweet blogs and love of the LORD.

The girls are precious..


Neesie said...

Thanks again for having the brunch! It was fun and I had a great time over the weekend. :-)

Cute pics.

Tanya said...

That recipe sounds amazing! I'm definitely writing this one down. :) And your girls are so gorgeous. I could just eat them up!

Tera said...

Your girls look adorable. My girls would have been jealous of Shana's gorgeous hair!!

Beka said...

I'm so glad you shared the French toast recipe-- that was so delicious! We had a lovely time at the brunch.
Yes, Lena and Shana are growing so quickly; I can hardly believe it sometimes. Cherish every moment (I know you do)!
Lots of love to all of you,
auntie b.

Baptist Girl said...

Ok I gained 2 pounds just reading the recipe lol
Your little ladies are just so beautful! I pray you all have a wonderful Christmas.



Thank you for the sweet visit with your precious family and friends. The recipe looks so very good, thank you for sharing it. Hope you all stay so happy and besure and don't blink because I can say with truth, it all happens far to quickly. Have a wonderful time living. connie

Patti said...

Your girls are beautiful!! I know that you are enjoying every moment that you have with them. That is something that I encourage all young moms to do, instead of yearning for them to get older so mom can have her freedom. Our children grow so fast, and before you know it, our time with them is nearly over. I wrote a post last week "Cherish Every Moment" about that very thing. No one ever encouraged me to cherish time with my children. No one told me how quickly they grow. NO one told me to put my all into motherhood. So I squandered those years, and now that they are older, I yearn for the nighttime feedings and the toddler playtime again.

The recipe sounds DELISH!! I will definitely have to copy it down.

Also, I'm Ella's mom, and I recognize some people who visit your blog as some who visit hers as well.

I've enjoyed getting "to know" your mom via the internet, and Ella has greatly enjoyed getting to know your sister. And it's on account of you that they met up. Isn't it a wonderful thing how the internet brings people together, who would otherwise never know each other?

With joy,

Patti said...

I wanted to go back and leave you a comment on this post. For our New Year's Day breakfast, I made the upside down, banana-walnut French toast. Talk about DELISH!! It was a definite hit with my family...and I'm thinking about making it our annual New Year's Day breakfast. I better not make it more often than once a year, though, because I feel SO fat now. It is definitely not among the healthiest or lightest of recipes. But sometimes, you just have to splurge, right? And New Year's Day is a nice day to splurge.

thanks for sharing the recipe.

Blessings on your new year,