Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Cookie Fun

Baking with Mommy is so much fun!
We danced around the kitchen singing, "Ta-daa!"
Lena was amazed.
"Mommy, two rollers!"
Frequent breaks to kiss baby Shae Shae were taken
All ready to paint the cookies with icing!
Finished product to serve to Daddy. I think my little helper may have taken a couple of bites!


Maxine said...

I can't believe it! That REALLY looks like fun! Moments like those are PRICELESS. You may ask yourself several times, "why am I doing this?" but the moments are priceless. Lena looks beside herself with excitement. Priceless, I say again.

Neesie said...

Such cute pictures!!!!! I love your matching aprons. :-)

Sara said...

Bev, these pictures are adorable!! My favorites are the very first and second ones. Lena is just too cute as a little baker. =) Merry Christmas!!


Bluestocking said...

That is so funny that Selena took two bites!!

HOPE said...

Love the matching aprons! just soo sweet!

Again...your family is precious!


Oh, how precious. That was fun, just looking at the pictures of you and your girls. The cookies look great and I am sure Dad will love them with the bites taken and Merry Christmas. connie

Beka said...

Looks like you all had lots of fun-- I love the huge smiles on Lena's face!
Hope you're having a cozy day today :-)

Beverly said...

For those of you who commented on the aprons, they were compliments of Auntie Beka ;-) She made them for Selena's 2nd birthday present.

Mimi said...

what wonderful memories you are making for yourself and your little ones...
she will remember cooking with mommie...
and I love the aprons!!!

Have a wonderful Christmas with your family!

Baptist Girl said...

Boy those cookies look good!
Merry Christmas to you and yours Beverly!

Jim and Cristina

Patti said...

I wish I could see the pictures (my computer doesn't allow photobucket). I'm sure they are perfectly delightful. Are you in to scrapbooking? Kind of a dumb question, I guess. Like you really have the time to scrapbook with 2 little ones. But I'm sure you will be preserving those photos in a memory book of some sort.

Cathy said...

Just absolutely adorable, Beverly ~

Tanya said...

She is just TOO CUTE!! Cooking is one my favorite mommy-kid activities. It's so much fun.

Anonymous said...

So happy happy girls you are - I loved the photos! A blessed New Year 2009 and to you and your family - I love seeing part of your journey here. Sending a hug! Helen

Elise said...

Making memories with Shae-shae looking on! Love it! Love the apron, the kerchief, EVERYTHING! Just need a taste of those cookies now... ;)