Friday, February 08, 2008

Treasured Moments, Part II

I absolutely LOVED hearing about your treasured moments! I share many of them, and could just picture you savoring the times you related.
A few of you talked about your personal, or couples quiet time with God. Yes, those are precious times for me as well.
I was chuckling to myself last night as we were attempting to have devotions with Lena after dinner.
Let me just set the scene for you:
  • Its about 7pm ... Lena is getting grumpy
  • Plates, sticky and unappealing, sit pushed to the side
  • Lena's highchair and the floor under it is a travesty
  • Mommy has had one helping of dinner and is not finished eating
  • Daddy is finished
  • Lena is ready for her bedtime bottle and is making it known "mo peeease? mo peeease?" (she says more please to indicate that she wants something)
  • Things are deteriorating quickly, and if we don't have devotions now, we'll be enjoying sweet quiet time alone
  • Hmmmmm... ve-ry tempting --
  • But no -- Lena has already missed devotions this week

So Daddy starts to read and amid the din and clatter. Lena does not want to sit still, but this is a teaching moment -- yes? After the reading, catechism questions are asked, and then Lena sits facing Daddy while he prays. We pray that Lena will obey, love Jesus one day, and will not wake Mommy for reassurance in the middle of the night ;-)

Even though the dishes aren't done, and Lena is cranky, these are moments that I will treasure always!


Beka said...

Yes, you will treasure those times always. I think of Mary, who treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart, and undoubtedly brought them to mind years later when her Son gave His ultimate sacrifice.

Anyway, enjoy those precious moments! Hope Lena gets those catechism questions right :-)

Maxine said...

Definitely, treasured moments. You'll never regret them.

Mimi said...

wonderful moments to treasure... and as Lena gets older.. she will also treasure these moments... they will come to mean a great deal to her in her Christian walk with The Lord..
Blessings on you for your continued teaching of Lena about the Love of God for Her.

Baptist Girl said...

Treasure the moments as much as possible because your children grow up so quickly before your eyes. I had a ver precious moment last night with our granddaughter.
Jessica wanted to ask Jesus into her heart. She is 9 years old and she has been asking a lot of questions lately. We sat and talked about what the cross means and she understood and she told me she felt that Jesus was talking to her heart. I was there when she was born, when she enter this world and it was one of the most exciting times of my life, and to be there when she was born again was even more thrilling. Please pray for dear sweet girl and also her mom and her brother Noah. My daughter Denise is our only child that does not know Christ as her Savior. She was brought up going to church and yet God has not opened her eyes to truth yet. We keep praying as she is so precious to us.What ever i takes Lord!



Believe it or not this is also the time Selena is learning so much. You will not regret it at all. It will make you a happy mama in later years. connie from Texas