Friday, January 11, 2008

Shopping Thrills and a few other things


She wore a pink sweatsuit.

I met her last week at Shop Rite. Okay, I didn't exactly meet her!

I was shopping in line behind this lady in a pink sweatsuit. Her cart was piled HIGH with groceries. I noted this, because I was silently calculating how long it would take her to get her order checked out so that I could be on my way.

She had canned goods, frozen goods, dairy, cereals ... everything you could think of.

And then I saw it -- the stack of coupons.

Ladies, my mouth was WIDE open!

Beep ... Beep...Beepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeep ... and on and on it went.

I strained my ears above the sound of Lena singing "A Spoonful of Sugar" to hear the grand total.


Yes, ladies -- she got all that food for under thirty dollars! I was aghast. I was amazed. I wanted to grab her by her pink velour sleeve and drag her to my coupon box and ask her to make that happen with my order! I always go to the store with a lot of coupons, but only end up making a few work. So pink, sweatsuit lady, if you are reading. I would love to have you over for tea and a seminar!
And also, I want to thank my capable daughter for posting for me in my absence, and to all of you for your potty training tips.
Things have been so busy here, and hubby and daughter have been pretty sick. The holidays were too busy even though we thoroughly enjoyed the times we had.
We just love our family time, whether we are at home reading on the couch, running around singing Mary Poppins songs with Lena (yes, we can all step in time), or driving home from church singing hymns in the dark.
So I need to go wipe a runny nose, and I'll talk to all of you soon!


boo4baby said...

I would like to join you and the lady in pink for that tea and seminar. I love to save at the grocery store, but have never done that well. There are some great books on this topic and just last week, I found a website that looked promising: I am going to try it out for the trial period and see how much I save. The biggest problem is making menus out of what you can buy cheaply! Have a great week! God bless!

Barbara C. said...

WELCOME BACK!! I've missed u! I hope everyone in your house is better soon, and that you have a blessed week. :)

Beka said...

Oh my-- that lady is my hero. Count me in on the seminar...

Maxine said...

This lady is an ispiration, as I am currently trying to be more diligent with the coupons. We had a friend like the lady in pink; you may have forgotten. Remember our dear Mrs. B. who used to babysit you and take you to school? She had piles like that and she saved TONS on her weekly grocery bill. A seminar with these ladies sounds like fun. But I would imagine they spend lots of time on it--something many of us don't always have.

Mimi said...

I second the motion... lady in the pink sweat suit... please step forward and give us all a quick lesson in the best use of coupons!!!

Beka said...

Hey!! I love your new design here! I just clicked on your blog and did a double take when I saw!! Very nice.

Baptist Girl said...

I remember about 20 years ago (yikes just the sound of 20 years ago makes me feel old) the gorcery stores here in Canada use to have their own coupons and I would save so much money. Now a days we can send away for coupons or they sometimes come in our News Paper or mail. I sure don't get as many as I use to though. I sure love a good bargain. I also love a good garage sale!


Cathy said...

lol, that is cute. I have heard of people doing this, but it has to be hard! That is amazing.