Thursday, January 17, 2008

Little comforter

We have been struggling with sickness in our family. Mr. S and Lena have been under the weather for about two weeks now. Consequently, we have been staying indoors.

My dearest daughter and I are quite stir-crazy - and it is making both of us irritable.

Fighting with weariness yesterday, I slumped against the couch and closed my eyes for a moment. I was on the floor playing peg board with Selena. We were stacking the pegs, and I had two in my closed fist.

I noticed that she stopped playing, and through my partly closed eyes I saw her peering at me with concern. She gently opened my hand, pulling on my fingers one by one. She took a peg from my hand and held it right in front of my eyes.

"Okay Momma!" she said, "Awwww Momma."

She briefly laid her head against mine - no matter that she injured my nose in the process - and then looked at me closely.

"Mommy is all better!" I said with a big smile, pulling her close for a hug.

She seemed quite pleased with herself, and I do thank God for my little comforter!

May God continue to build that nurturing spirit in her.


Maxine said...

That's my Lena. Kiss her for Nanna.

Neesie said...

How sweet! Yes, may God let that caring spirit grow and mature....

Sara said...

First of all, I LOVE your new background!!! Where did you get it?

I've been fighting sickness too...if I'm not better by tomorrow I don't think I'll be able to go to the retreat. I hope Lena and E feel better very soon!!

Lena is so precious...what a sweet spirit she has!

Barbara C. said...

That is sooo adorable!! It's a good thing you're keeping record of these things, because you'll never remember them all. In the olden days, I wrote everything in my boys babybooks. It's fun to go back and read as they get older. Lena will appreciate reading about herself too!

Beka said...

That Lena is just too sweet. :-)

Must make your heart smile!!


I am sure her growth in this area will continue considering who she has for a Mom.

Sorry you have had sick ones. Pray all is better very soon. I know how hard that can be. Have a very blessed weekend. connie from Texas

Anonymous said...

Awwww, this is so precious. I am sure she'll be like that as a grown-up, too: she will be just as her Mommy in that.

You blog layout is gorgeous!

Mimi said...

nothing is as comforting when you feel bad as the loving smile of a little one!!
she knew how to make mamma feel better!!
I just love your new look...the first time I saw it I thought I was seeing reflections on my computer...and when I came, I see that it is your new design
Good Job!!

Joel and Jaime said...

Oh my, seems everybody is sick lately! Hoping you feel better soon. And by the way, I love your new blog design!

Cathy said...

That is just so precious and sweet, Beverly. I pray all will be well soon. And I love your new look!

Elise said...

You know where she learned the nurturing and comforting, right? From her mama and daddy- what a blessing! I hope all is getting back to normal and healthy! (((you)))