Thursday, January 31, 2008

Moments to Treasure (Part One)

Most every night around 7:30pm, a little ritual begins in our household. Dishes have been packed away in the dishwasher and the table is clear. Daddy is upstairs putting Lena to bed, snuggling her in her blankets and giving her multiple kisses.
Mommy is downstairs, smiling to herself because this is a very special time of the day. Either the tea kettle is put on the stove, or the coffee pot is filled. Two mugs are set out on the counter.
When Daddy comes downstairs, Mommy asks him what flavor he would like, and he smiles and gets two spoons.
Yes, this is the time each night that I get to spend alone with my husband. We talk like friends who haven't seen each other all day, because that is exactly what we are! I treasure this time so much. Lately, our hot beverage of choice has been decaf hazelnut cream with hazelnut creamer. Yummy delicious.
What moments do you treasure most in your day? I'll be back to talk about more of my treasured moments!


Maxine said...

I treasure, absolutely treasure, the early moments of the day when I have my time alone with God at my devotional"post,", the living room couch.
Did you see the title of my last Scraps post, btw? You'll see there that I was just talking about those really special moments I treasure (which you should already know about).

Beka said...

Beautiful moments!
I treasure those evening hours with Mark so much. We usually eat dinner, then I do the dishes while he relaxes and gets ready for our devotions. Then we read, sing, and pray together; and that is such a precious time for both of us. Then we usually have tea and talk about how our day went. I don't know what I would do without those special hours!

Looking forward to your next post about this... what a good subject!!

Baptist Girl said...

I have never read such a calming blog as your is. I always come away with a smile or warm thoughts.


Mimi said...

my hubby and I wake up very early in the morning... and those early morning hours together are very special to me...the rest of the world is mostly still sleeping...our puppies are still sleeping... and we can relax with a cup of coffee and talk about our plans for the day...


My husband and I have been married for 46 years in March. In those early years raising our children those rare moments came each day when we would have a few precious moments togeather before going to bed. Oh, how precious those moments were. Our children are grown now and with chilren of their own and we have lots of time togeather. It is all very precious to me. I would not trade one moment of it for all the money in the world. Thank you, Beverly. connie from Texas

NYC said...

I treasure the moment at night when I take a hot shower and get to rest my weary head on a pillow :)

Elise said...

Crawling back into the bed after an hour and a half on my own in the morning... turning on the lamp and rubbing hubby's shoulder until he awakens. Then reading, together, from this book. Then we pray together, and so begins the day. It is so neccessary- and so lovely!
I can't wait until your next installment- it is good for us to think of those treasured moments- so often they get tucked away and forgotten!

L.L. Barkat said...

Came over from The Flourishing Mother. What a sweet entry this is, thinking about these moments with your spouse. And the kettle sounds like a nice cozy accompaniment.