Thursday, October 18, 2007

Pumpkin picking, Short Commutes, and Prayer

Once upon a time, a little girl named Selena Anne went pumpkin pickin'.

She found the perfect pumpkin, but the wheelbarrow was more interesting!

She was dubious about the whole pony riding thing, but she tried to make the best of it!

We've been having fun times during the weekends, even though we sorely miss Daddy. Some weekends we go to PopPop and Nanna's house and others they come here. They leave us a present in the form of Auntie Nee for a couple of nights, so we don't have to be alone! This past weekend we went to a pumpkin festival and took plenty of pictures so Daddy wouldn't have to miss out.

God gave us an unexpected blessing when Mr.S's boss asked him to handle some work that needed to be done in one of their offices -- a little over FOUR MILES from our house! Today we had our first taste of Daddy home for lunch and it was wonderful. He'll be there for a little while, so we have at the least a few weeks of this wonderful short commute.

Today little Lena went to the doctor for a weight check (she's petite like her Momma), and we discussed her upcoming visit to a specialist for the strawberry hemangioma she has on her shoulder. The doctor wants us to talk to a plastic surgeon about it, because it seems that there is a lot of vascular business going on there. He doesn't seem overly worried, but everytime a parent hears the word surgeon - it doesn't create the most pleasant feeling in the pit of one's stomach. Please pray that if it is God's will, that she won't need surgery, and that the whole thing will disappear on its own. We go to the surgeon in three weeks. Of course we know that even if she needs surgery, that God will lovingly guide us through the process.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Maxine said...

Oh good. I was about to call to see if you got an appointment, so I guess you did. See you tomorrow, Lord willing!
Glad you guys had so much fun and praying all will go well with that strawberry doohicky.

Sara said...

Beautiful pictures Bev! Lena is so cute.
That is wonderful about Edie being only a few miles from your house!
I'll be praying that Lena's birthmark disappears- I know you must be very nervous about the surgery!
Have a good weekend!

Cathy said...

Before reading about the little shoulder problem, I was lol. She is so cute, and was having such a good time. I am also praying that the birthmark will disappear. God will take care of it all.

Beka said...

We'll be praying about that.
Again-- love the pumpkin-picking pictures!
And so glad you were able to enjoy having lunch all together!!
Hope you have a good weekend...

Bethany said...

Sounds like you have had great fun even without daddy there. Hope you enjoy your time with daddy.
I will be praying that she doesn't need surgery!

Mimi said...

I think my comment just went away and didn't take so I am going to try again...
I wanted to tell you how sweet Little Lena was to buy her daddy a pumpkin, and I hope she got home with it...
also I will by praying for the doctors as they determine the course of action needed to take care of the birthmark... for little Lena that she will not be frightened... and for momma that she will be brave because she knows that God is in Control...