Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Some questions I ask myself ...

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We sang a beautiful hymn in church last night that has been playing through my head ever since!
Gracious Spirit, dwell with me!
I myself would gracious be;
And with words that help and heal
Would Thy life in mine reveal;
And with actions bold and meek
Would for Christ my Savior speak.
So often, I have ungraciousness residing in my heart. If only I would keep a constant reminder that my actions should always reflect Christ! Are my words like balm to a wound? Am I aware of myself, or do I see myself as His instrument?
Truthful Spirit, dwell with me!
I myself would truthful be;
And with wisdom kind and clear
Let Thy life in mine appear;
And with actions brotherly
Speak my Lord’s sincerity.
Sincerity is hard to come by these days. If I wish my daughter to be truthful and real, I must mirror these traits so that she will see the Lord through me.

Tender Spirit, dwell with me!
I myself would tender be;
Shut my heart up like a flower
In temptation’s darksome hour,
Open it when shines the sun,
And his love by fragrance own.
Does my husband see the tenderness that so becomes a woman? Or does he always see the harried momma, the busy bee, the Martha in me? Is my conscience and heart tender to iniquity? Or am I hardened by and toughened to this world's evil?
Mighty Spirit, dwell with me!
I myself would mighty be;
Mighty so as to prevail,
Where unaided man must fail;
Ever, by a mighty hope,
Pressing on and bearing up.
Do I forget that He alone is my strength -- "a very present help in times of trouble." Do I run to my tower in trials or do I try to face them in my own strength?
Holy Spirit, dwell with me!
I myself would holy be;
Separate from sin, I would
Choose and cherish all things good,
And whatever I can be
Give to Him Who gave me Thee!
Do I truly cherish all things good? Do I strive to be set apart? We are called to be different -- for this is when our light shines the brightest.



Great questions to ask ourselves. I have thought about your post and I want to thank you for causing me to reflect. I always want others to see Christ in me. connie from Texas

Beka said...

Wonderful words to reflect on! Thank you!

That hymn is so powerful. I love the lines "ever, by a mighty hope, pressing on and bearing up."

Maxine said...

These are really touching reflections on the words of this hymn. That's why I love the old hymns so much. They give us so much food for thought and they have so much Biblical truth. You probably knew your mama would love this post, my dear.

Nanna hopes and prays that our little Lena will see these precious truths manifested in her momma. I know it's her momma's heart's desire.

Wil said...

Hi ~

Came upon your site & appreciated the insightfulness of these thoughts. Thank you for sharing.