Monday, October 22, 2007

The strength of your love
weaves music into my soul.
Back and forth, your life is knitting a melody
only we can hear.
It's a voice without words,
a whisper that thunders
And calls me by name.
-Pat Matuszak
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Thirty years ago
on this day
God brought my husband
into the world.
I love you sweets.
Happy Birthday.


Beka said...

Happy birthday E!! Hope you have a wonderful day.

Lots of love,
M & R


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR HUSBAND. I just know he did not know what a happy life he was going to have. May God bless him and your family. connie from Texas

Neesie said...

Happy...Happy...Birthday!!!! We love you Edie...:-)Hope you had a super birthday dinner.

Maxine said...

Very very nice. What a cute picture; what a sweet poem. Happy Birthday, indeed, dear E.

Joel and Jaime said...

Happy birthday to your husband!
By the way, I wanted to mention something about your last post, concerning the strawberry hemangioma--Cosette had one as well when she was born. It was about the size of a quarter, bright red on the back of her arm. It stayed that way for at least a year and a half or more, and then it slowly started to fade. It's still there today, but it's barely even noticeable now. So, anyway, just some encouragement that maybe Lena's will do the same thing :)