Monday, September 03, 2007

Selena Anne

On September 4, 2006 at 2:05pm, I met Selena Anne. She started to cry when she wasn't even fully "out" yet, but when she heard Mommy's voice, she stopped crying.

That's when it all began.
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Her Daddy was smitten from the start.

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Selena awakened such a love in our hearts.

My girl is always ready to go shopping with Mommy
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loves to nestle into the hollow of my neck
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melts my heart with her big brown eyes
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There are so many things I cherish ...

In the morning, when I go to her crib, she drowsily reaches up for me. When I snatch her up, I smell her Selena sweetness and we sway back and forth.

When we get home from taking Daddy to the train, I say "Home, Home, Homey, Home!" and she str-et-ches high into the air, yawning. "Hum, hum" she says.

During breakfast, we giggle together as she keeps dropping banana into her lap.

As I measure grounds for my morning coffee, I say "one, two ..." and she says "REE!!!"

After nap, I dance into her room as she claps and sways in her crib. More giggling.

We talk all day. We talk about Daddy, we talk about God. We talk about what Mommy is going to make for dinner.

When we are in the car for an extended period of time, I hear a plantive "doddle!" I reach her bottle back to her and listen to the hum of her drinking. I wait for her "All doo" as she tosses the bottle as far as she can throw.

I feel an excitement as she flips through books, pointing and making animal sounds. There is so much for her to learn.

When she displays temper, I feel the weight of the responsibility that Mr.S and I have to teach her in the right way. Her soul has been entrusted to us as parents. A weighty responsibility.

I can't remember what life was like without her.

Lena Boop -- I love you so much. I wish you could understand how much emotion is behind those words. You are Mommy's girl. My one desire for you is that you learn to love Jesus. I cherish each memory we make. My little boopadees is one year old. Where did the time go, my sweet? You will always be my little girl. Always.

Happy Birthday, Precious one.


Maxine said...

Well, that was certainly a fun time for all. Now she can really enjoy her real birthday tomorrow: A nice quiet day with Mommy.
Happy Birthday, Bean.

A said...

Those eyes melt my heart, too! Makes me want one just like her! Soooo precious! I'm glad you had a good time celebrating your little one!

Neesie said...

To my Little Blessing,
Happy First Birthday! May God grant you with many more years full of joy, peace and most importantly a deep love for Him. I love you sweetie!
Auntie Nee

Joel and Jaime said...

Precious, Precious! Love that little girl with all your heart! (As I can see you're already doing :)

Beka said...

Oh goodness, you have me in tears. What a beautiful post, so overflowing with joy and love. We, too, are so very thankful for Lena and the joy that she brings to all of us. I canNOT believe it has been one year already!

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday little Selena!!
Time goes by so fast!!

Mimi said...

what a precious tribute to your little one... she will cherish this when she becomes an adult...
you save it and re-watch it when she becomes ten and tries to be a little mouthy at times (ha ha)

Tanya said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LENA!! Many happy returns. :)

Bev: I love this post. It's written with such sincerity and simplicity. The truth of motherhood boiled down to what really matters. It's beautiful! Speaking of beautiful -- Look at you in the delivery room!! That's just not right. Where you even in labor? Girl, I LOOKED like I had labored! :) Congratulations. Too cute.

Sara said...

Happy Birthday Lena! I love you!

~Auntie Sara

Sara said...

Oh, and I love the slideshow Bev! That one picture of Neesie is so funny- I love her expression. :)

Cathy said...

That was a beautiful, sweet post. And I loved your pretty pictures.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Birthday little Selena - thanks so much for sharing that precious photos!

What a joyful Mommy you are!!!

sparrow's song said...

you shared,
When I snatch her up, I smell her Selena sweetness

Mmmm! I remember those times with my children. They have a sweet little warm scent tucked in the fold of their soft necks.

Great slide show!! Many blessings to your little one and your home.



You are so blest. You are a great Mom just like your Mom before you. God bless you all. connie from Texas

Elise said...

I'm melting...
Happy belated birthday, Lena! You are so precious, and so loved. In the center of His perfect will you were created, and I pray along with your Mama, Daddy and Nanna that He will keep you there, and you will long to stay in the fold all of your days.
Hug her for me, Bev, please!