Thursday, May 03, 2007

Welcome to My Show Home!

You are welcome to stop by any time, but if you came today, you might question my homemaking skills somewhat.

If you visited my dining room, the table would be strewn with large maps and other documents. Our centerpiece is pushed to the side and placemats are stacked up. My husband is working on his final project for his class, and this is his worktable!

If you dare, venture upstairs and go into our hall bathroom. The washcloth laying on the countertop isn't artfully tossed there for decoration. Selena is sick, and her little nose is a constant fountain. That cloth is there to wipe face and hands, and to provide some cool relief.

In our master bedroom, the bed is made, but there are toys on its comforter. On our nightstands, there is Lena's thermometer and vaseline (you might guess what the vaseline is for), a cloth diaper, and a coaster with a mug of chicken broth. Mommy and baby are both sick, and everything must be at hand's reach!

In the nursery, soft music plays, and a stuffed up baby gets the sleep she needs. There is a stack of board books by the glider, for sick times are the best snuggle and read times!

You may not find perfection in my little home today, (or any day, for that matter!), but you will find:

a vacuumed floor for my little crawler,

plenty of cuddly blankets,

the aroma of dinner in the crock pot,



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My hair may be pulled back in a ponytail, but my arms are open to give hugs to my loved ones.

My voice may be scratchy, but I will still sing to my baby.

My table may have papers strewn all over it, but my husband will find a cup of coffee and a listening ear when he is ready to take a break from his work.

I tend to get anxious when I feel that my house isn't in order. Last night, after I put Selena to sleep, I was dragging out the vacuum cleaner because I found a couple of damp and misshapen Cheerios on the floor in the office. I was ready to vacuum the whole house at the expense of my daughter's sleep until my wise husband told me to put the vacuum down. The rugs and the vacuum would be there tomorrow. And they were! And I got to spend some quality time with Mr.S that I would have missed.

Today, as I read of the sadnesses that others are going through and as I went through my prayer list just feeling grieved, it struck me that I need to focus on what is important.

The love I share with Mr.S, Selena, and all of my family and friends will last into their futures. Taking the time to encourage, to comfort, to pray is essential.


Andrea said...

this is precious.
You have the right outlook. :)

Maxine said...

Aww, I'm so sorry you guys have to go through this. This is what I worried about all Sunday night! Nanna's so sorry to have given this nasty yucky cold to you guys. But as you said, I've been reading some pretty sad stories around the blogging world. Our problems for now are small. The Lord give grace.
BTW, I was thinking, your singing with your scratchy voice is a whole lot better than me with my regular voice, which is scratchy under any circumstance.
Keep the liquids flowing--it does help!

Beka said...

What a sweet and precious post! Your home is indeed a haven of peace and love. I'm sure you've heard the sweet little rhyme:
Cleaning and scrubbing can wait till tomorrow
For babies grow up, we've learned to our sorrow.
So quiet down cobwebs, dust go to sleep--
I'm rocking my baby, and babies don't keep!

I don't know the author, but isn't that sweet?

I hope you and Lena are feeling much better very soon.

Joel and Jaime said...

What a great attitude! You're house sounds like a cozy, inviting, loving place to be! I'm sure your family appreciates you for that :)

Elise said...

So precious, Bev.
I'm praying for the girls with colds to be better soon - but so thankful you have a cozy home, a loving, providing husband and the love of God in your lives! Your post emulates that!

Anonymous said...

Hope you colds are getting better - the post was really so vivid that I could imagine your home...
You know what the most important is!

Lizard Princess said...

Happy early Mother's Day- it sounds like you deserve an extra good one this year!

Or, at least, some sloppy "kid kisses"!

Amanda said...

Your blog is so wonderful. I'm a new reader and had to introduce myself. My new goal is to enjoy preparing my home for my family as much as you do. I have loved reading your story and will continue to follow it.
finding your blog is proof that GOD is in control and leading my life. Your thoughts are what I need to fill my head with.
God Bless you!!