Monday, April 30, 2007

Making the Most of Mondays!

I haven't talked a lot about my husband's schooling on this blog, but it is very much a part of our lives.

Mr. S is currently enrolled in school to get a second degree. He is working on a degree in Survey Engineering Technology so that he can get his Professional Surveying License. He is working so hard, and he is doing it for us!
He works full time, so his schooling always consists of night classes.

This semester, (we are at the end now!), he is in school on Monday evenings, and also every other Saturday. As you can imagine, Mondays are long days for Mommy and Lena. I always feel a little sad when I bid my husband goodbye on Monday mornings.

Lately I have been trying to make the most of my Mondays instead of spending them longing for my husband. Now that Selena can ask for her Daddy, she seems sad at night when she goes to bed when he isn't there. She asks for him and looks around. Babies are so sensitive to the moods of their parents, and I have been trying to infuse more joy into her life on days when Daddy isn't there to say goodnight.

Mondays are ...

laundry days: I usually do massive amounts of laundry on Monday. Lately, I have been throwing all the clean laundry on the floor, letting Selena play with it while I fold. What fun!

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macaroni and cheese days: I love me some cheese!! Instead of not cooking because I'm just cooking for myself, I have been experimenting with all kinds of mac and cheese recipes on monday. I've started to look forward to it.

extra cuddle time days: we have extra time on Monday, so I have been wrapping us both up in one of our many blankets and we read together or watch a girly movie.

fun in the sun days: when the weather is nice ... like today, we take some time to run errands in between naps. I have been loathe to run these mini errands when I have Selena because I have to take her in and out of her car seat multiple times. Today, we set out to run three errands, Lena in her striped pink and white sandals, and Mommy in her gold,sparkly ones. I was rewarded with huge smiles and happy kicking feet every time I circled the car to take Selena out of her seat. I have to do this more often. She made many friends at every stop we made.

days of meditation: Mondays provide me with a unique opportunity to meditate on the Lord and His goodness. May I always take advantage of these opportunities.

So Mondays aren't so bad after all!! Friends, please remind me of this post in the fall when Mr. S will be in class Wednesdays, Friday, and Saturdays.


Maxine said...

I didn't know about the macaroni and cheese experiments! And I wish some Monday Auntie Nee and Nanna could have come over to join in on the girlie movie. Glad you had so much fun going out today. Looks like days of matching mommy-daughter outfits are ahead! Remember what I always say: this too will past. Those times of meditation are important. Enjoy them.

Beka said...

I'm glad you're able to make the most of these long Mondays! We are praying, in fact we just now prayed, that God will give you and Edie much strength to get through this. As your mom said, this too will pass.
Sounds like you and Lena had a fun outing today-- I'm glad!! The weather sure was beautiful!

Joel and Jaime said...

What a great way to look at Mondays! I must admit, I rather dislike them myself, and my husband's not even in school! I will have to re-read your post next time a Monday comes around :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, it's tough to do working and degree at the same time. For sure your husband could not do this without you as family support 'covering his back'.
I think its great how carefully you check and realise if your mood influences Selena as well. And what you are doing for changing, is just, what one did do with a best friend - and this is just what Mum and Daughter can be, right?

Beba said...

It looks that you with your girl, and me with girl, are in same situation. Our daddy does the same as your daddy. He works full time at his job, then he studies. On those long, lonely days we also have something like you have. Now that i know this, i will pray for your both. You are in my heart! Love

Elise said...

You can count on it! :)
What a beautiful way to look at this season - I'm so proud of you! I wish that I had done the same when I was in your position, but now I am so inspired by others just like you!
Wish I lived closer, so I could enjoy some mac and cheese, girly movies, and fellowship with you! (((Bev)))


Sounds like you are doing it all right. Keep up the good work of being wife and mommy. In the summer your baby will be older and each day she gets older she will bring you more pleasure. Just keep in mind that what your husband is doing is for all of you. You are ONE so if you hurt and don't encourage him, you are really doing it to yourself. Keep yourself busy doing that High Calling God has given you and you will come out all good. connie from Texas

Baptist Girl said...

What a lovely blog! Macaroni and youngest daughter's favorite meal! I am still trying to make as good as my mother makes it..haven't yet conquered it, as my dear daugther tells me *S*
One day....You have a beautiful little lady there *S* taked care and God bless


Lizard Princess said...

It is so good to focus on the positive aspects of any given situation. Even in the most adverse circumstances, we can rejoice, for a learning opportunity will be there!

"A good day for me isn't necessarily a good day for God."
(Hard times grow us! Hang in there!)

Stacy said...

I was so struck by your joyful spirit in this post! What a wonderful example of contentment and joy for the season God has placed you in!
Blessings to you and yours,