Monday, February 05, 2007

Little Things ....

Do little things make you happy?

Seeing ...

snow blanketing the ground

an email or letter from a friend

a smile light up my daughter's face

a fresh page in a notebook ... just begging for words to be written on it

Touching ...

the softness of sheets after a long, tiring day

my husband's scratchy beard

gooey dough for bread or cookies

Tasting ...

the tartness of herbal tea or richness of a full bodied cup of coffee

a piece of white chocolate melting on your tongue

Smelling ...

the coffee pot brewing

fragrance from a bubble bath

a pumpkin spice candle burning

my husband's cologne on his shirts that I am laundering

Hearing ...

"I love you."

"I'm praying for you."

"I'm sorry."

"Thank you."

A few things that may not be so little!
Having ...

A home of our own.

Rooms filled with laughter and love.

Peace in our hearts.

So many wonderful promises from our Savior.

What little things make your day?


Beka said...

Some little things that bring me joy...
--the warmth and softness of pajamas and my fleece bathrobe at the end of a long day
--signing in to my email and having messages in my inbox
--smelling bread baking in the oven
--hearing Mark come in the door after his day at work and coming in to give me a big hug
There are more but I'll stop there.

Funny... I was just cooking up a post about some of the homemaker duties I do each day that bring me joy. Look for it soon...

Maxine said...

Little things for me:
Sitting on the couch in the early part of the day with my Bible and a notebook.
Looking out the window to see my favorite critters--the birds.
Eating a cup of soup in the middle of the morning.
Hearing a favorite hymn on the radio.
Smelling vanilla lotion on my hands.
Thanks for sharing yours!

Andrea said...

Oh I love those little things!!
I love that scent of my husband on clothes he has worn!!--Good one.