Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Count it all joy!

I have this little framed piece in my bathroom. Its a little broken down, a trifle crookedly framed, but I keep it as a reminder to myself. I typed and framed this poem by Amy Carmichael when I was in highschool.

"IF I myself dominate myself,
if my thoughts revolve around myself,
if I am so occupied with myself
I rarely have a "heart at leisure from itself,"
THEN I know nothing of Calvary love.

IF I refuse to be a corn of wheat
that falls into the ground and dies
("is separated from all in which it lived before")
THEN I know nothing of Calvary love.

IF I ask to be delivered from trial
rather than for deliverance out of it,
to the praise of His glory;
IF I forget that the way of the Cross
leads to the Cross
and not to a bank of flowers;
IF I am surprised when the way is rough,
And think it strange,
though the word is,
THEN I know nothing of Calvary love. "

-Amy Carmichael-

Today Miss S and I are going to PopPop and Nanna's house! Mr. S is away at a surveying conference, and we truly miss him. We will definitely be talking a lot on the phone while he is away. I am looking forward to a gabfest with my parents and sister, and sharing the joy that is Miss S with them. We will be spending the night, and then tomorrow night, I'll be judging at a homeschool science fair. It is always a good chance to see old friends from my homeschooling days. Auntie Neesie will be in charge of watching Miss S while I am judging!

Just had to share a picture that
Beka took a couple of Sundays ago.
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Maxine said...

What a joy to have you both! Neesie has enjoyed having Miss S in her science and English classes!! Praying for Mr. S to return to his family safe and sound. We'll take care of you until he does!

Beka said...

My, you're a busy blogger these days! :-)
Thanks for posting that poem... that was a blessing!
Hope you and Miss S have a lovely time with PopPop and Nanna. Don't stay up TOO late tonight!
I have that picture posted on my refrigerator!

Elise said...

That poem - I'm breathless. I devoured Amy Carmichael's biography as a young teen, read it repeatedly. I think I might need to find that and do as you have done - post it where I will see it, read it, be it. Count it all joy, yes.
Hope you had fun at your parents! I miss mine. :(

Andrea said...

What a little cutie! She has a gorgeous smile

Christine said...

Hi Bev! I decided to start one of these sites. I'm getting tired of xanga.

Thank you for posting that is beautiful and quite convicting.