Thursday, February 22, 2007

Chipped Bathtubs ...

Nanna unknowingly took my post idea for this week, so I think I'll save my pork recipe for another time!

Yes, the pork turned out very well. I had to be creative, as my aforesaid knives weren't the type that I needed for this recipe. It was so delicious though. Our little dinner wasn't romantic with Miss S smearing sweet potatoes all over her high chair tray, and slinging stacking cups across the floor. However,since for us together = happy, it was a wonderful evening.

Wednesday was quite busy. I had a long list of things to do, and I was completely committed to crossing off every item! One of the items that I had to accomplish was the bathing of my dear but dirty daughter. I carried her, fully undressed, to the tub, with one arm. With the other arm, I jerked her little bathrobe off of the decorative hooks that we have hanging on the wall. Not only did the bathrobe come down, but the entire set of metal hooks. I sighed inwardly, but went about my duties until I noticed a little round chip on the edge of the tub. Yes, in my haste, I had chipped the bathtub. Ugh.

Next, after I had put Miss S down for a nap and was trying to rearrange our office, I sliced my finger on the edge of our filing cabinet. I stood in the bathroom running water over my finger as I looked at the chip on the side of the tub. Lovely.

Later, we picked up my husband's car from the mechanic, and instead of it costing $150, there were deeper issues in its health and we had to pay $480. Ouch.

Even later, as I was walking into the basement, I saw something BIG and BLACK on the carpet next to my laundry basket. It was MOVING. It was the king of spiders. We had killed another of these in our storage area 6 weeks before. But this was in the finished part of our basement... the place where we watch movies and curl on the sofa in front of the fireplace to drink coffee. I was so afraid (still am). This spider had muscles and bones .... really it did. Do you think the spider has relatives? I do. Just great.

When I climbed into bed on Wednesday, I realized that all day I hadn't said thank you. Lord, thank you. Thank you for health and a home. Thank you for a refrigerator full of food. Thank you for family and friends. Thank you for your word. Thank you for all of your blessings. Thank you for teaching me not to hurry. Thank you for laughter. Thank you for trials. Thank you for a car to drive. The list goes on and on.

I don't know how many of you have read the classic Pollyanna. She always played the glad game. I wonder how it would be to play the glad game for just one day ... for instance.

I'm glad that the metal shelf didn't fall on Selena.

I'm glad that I had a filing cabinet to cut my finger on.

I'm glad that the car was fixable.

I'm glad that the spider was there to kill other little pesties.

I'm glad that the spider wasn't a black widow.

I'm glad that in three months, we've only seen two of these scary beasts.

I'm glad that Mr.S was able to kill the spider. (Can you tell I need a little help being glad for the spider?)

Play the glad
game with me!

"Little things come daily, hourly within our reach, and they are not less calculated to set forward our growth in holiness than are the greater occasions which occur but rarely."

Jean - Nicolas Grou


Elise said...

Oh, good job! Finding the praises in the situation - it can be difficult!
I'm also glad that you HAVE a car to be fixed! :)
We were overrun by wolf spiders at our last house - down in the basement. I caught a *very* pregnant one with a jar - not kidding, it looked like a baby tarantula. My hubby happened to be away at teen camp for the week, too! Aaaak!
Every time I went downstairs, there was another huge, furry brown spider. It was like they sent out a search party for the pregnant mama!
So I started killing them and leaving them right there. As a message to the other members of the search party. :)
Sorry for the novel - but I feel your pain about the spiders. Ick.
Okay, I'm glad we had a big house with a basement, even though spiders loved it.
I'm glad my sister was with me when I saw the spider.
And right now-
I'm glad I have a shower in the house, even though I haven't had time to use it today. Or yesterday. It will still be there.

Maxine said...

Boy oh boy, can I identify! You have REALLY had quite a week! If it had been me, I would have been glad it was a big spider and not a big caterpillar. Isn't that silly?

I'm glad Dad found my black handled knife that I was so upset about, but if he hadn't I certainly hope I would have been glad that I had other knives, some of which work even better.

Homeschooling has been somewhat tiresome of late, but I am so glad for ABeka DVD program, which makes my burden so much lighter and for our humble little home to teach my daughter in. I am glad for her spirit about it lately and for living in a time where we have so much by way of support.

I'm dreading doing the income taxes, but glad that H & R Block online makes it so much easier.

I have much more to be "glad" about. Thanks, dear, for reminding all of us to be thankful!

Beka said...

Ouch... I needed that. Thank you so much.
This requires summoning up lots of willpower for me right now, but I will give it a try.

Thank You, Lord. Thank You that although You in Your wisdom do not see fit to give Mark & I children, You have blessed me with salvation, Your Word, a godly and wonderful husband, a loving family, a close-knit church family and dear friends, a warm and cozy home, abundant food and water, freedom to worship You without fearing for our lives, the testimony of those gone before us, others' children to love, a precious little boy to care for two days a week, sunshine, rain, and snow, times of laughter, hugs,... ...
Wow-- I could go on and on!

Thanks again for helping me with my perspective.

ps. I can't believe that the Evil Spider had kinfolk! Let's hope it was just a spinster and a bachelor and that there are no surviving relatives...

And no, I STILL can't log into my blog...
but thank You, Lord, that I HAVE a blog!!