Wednesday, February 14, 2007

From Mr. S--To My Valentine

Please allow me these ramblings, seeing as I have invaded my dear wife’s “cyber-space.” But today is Valentine’s Day and I have been searching high and low for a gift that would adequately express how much I love her.

Now, I have also tried to be unique when it comes to gift-giving, but this one, I wanted to be special. So tell me, what gift would be good enough for the woman who has positively changed my life. The woman who makes going to work in the morning sad and coming home in the evening exciting.

How do you express deep appreciation for the greatest cook, homemaker, designer, mother, and therapist? What’s appropriate for the girl whose ear is always open to listening to my same old dumb stories over and over again? She never says “honey, you told that one before (and it wasn’t funny then).”

How do I thank the woman who puts up with my ever-changing dreams? Last week I hoped to become a best-seller novelist, this week, a real estate mogul, next week, something else (probably a quarterback). She’s always there to keep me on course and remind me of our goals.

What gift would make up for all of the thank you’s that I forgot to say over the years. Like the time she came to the softball game in the rain and sat in the bleachers by herself. Or the countless notes that are left in my lunch bag, the emails with pics, etc.

I don’t know where I would be without her, probably not here. Sometimes, I watch her for across the room still captured with her beauty and loving her a thousand times more than the day I fell in love with you. So, I wonder, what can I do to show my dear wife how much I love her……Then it hit me……….This.


Neesie said...

Oh Mr S.

I'm sure that this was the best gift that you could have ever given your dear wife. She is a wonderful wife, mother, cook and everything else you mentioned. I often look at her and wish to be more like her. I also am very blessed to have her as a sister. Happy Valentine's Day!

Mrs. S said...

Mr. S ... thank you so much. I hardly know what to say. I keep reading your words over and over -- truly the best gift you could have given. I love you too, sweetheart. Now I know why you stayed up so late last night. Thank you, thank you.

Maxine said...

Oh my goodness, this is so special--so sweet! What a wonderful testimony to see a husband rise up and call his wife blessed!! So pleasing to the Lord. Her dad and I agree with all that you've said about her, Mr. S., though we can't come from your same perspective. But we are so thankful that God has given her such a loving and caring husband. Bless you both and Happy Valentine's Day!

Beka said...

Wow, Mr. S-- that WAS quite an extraordinary gift. How touching, and how sweet! May God continue to bless you both, and little Miss S too!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Elise said...

Ah, Mr. S. Your hijacking this space is truly a gift of love for your sweet wife, who is such a gift to all who know her, including me!
You two are something else!