Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Reminder I Needed ...

Saturday night Mr. S and I watched a news commentary about children who live in very poor conditions. I knew I shouldn't have watched it because it would upset me. However, not only was I compelled to keep watching, but to record it.

When I was a teenager, I worked with terminally ill children as a play counselor. These children were so physically needy. Their parents were so spiritually needy, but I wasn't allowed to say anything to them. But oh, did I pray. I prayed nonstop over those sick children. I wish I could have done more.

I wonder now how I could have done that week after week and not gotten depressed. Now, a simple news commentary has had me brooding for days. I told my husband that I wanted to adopt the children we were seeing.

One little boy in particular grabbed my heart. He was homeless, but was so thankful for every little blessing. He was thankful for a roach infested, dirt ridden, thin palate to sleep on at night. For Christmas, one of the key things he wanted, after a house, was curtains. Curtains.

Growing up, I lived 25 minutes from where this little boy lives now. We went sometimes and talked to the people in his town about their souls. I remember staying close to my dad, being afraid at times, and I ashamedly say now, that I looked down on a lot of the people I saw. I felt that I was doing my duty by telling them about Jesus. Sometimes I couldn't wait to get back and breathe the "clean" air of my "perfect" little life.

Some of you know that my parents lovingly adopted me when I was almost one year old.

Who knows what my life could have been?

The little boy that touched my heart could have been me. When he went to kindergarten for the first time, he knew how to count to three, but had no idea that one was supposed to have three meals a day. He was happy if he got one.

I wish I had done more for the terminally ill children that I used to work with, and I wish I could do something for the children I saw last week. I'm just so glad that I got the reminder that I needed.

How shallow I have been ... worrying about the fact that my living room couch doesn't quite match the carpet in our new home.

That little boy could have been me.


Maxine said...

It's so good that you posted this.
We need to think about these things,don't we? Even tho it's hard. We saw that broadcast too and oh how those children touched our hearts as well. Precious little Ivan. And Moochie. They bring tears to our eyes. But we're all guilty of shallow thinking as we sit in our comfortable little homes. Who knows when the Lord will give us more opportunities to help the needy ones? I hope He does. Let's be ready. Remember Matthew 25:34-40. And you don't know for sure how He may have used those sweet smiles and loving hugs at that medical center.
Thanks for this needed reminder, dear.

Beka said...

Wow... this one left me speechless, and still I'm not quite sure what to say. I watched the news clip and my heart aches for that precious little boy and countless others like him. It's a tough question... how do we deal with the abundance God has given us when our hearts ache for those who are not so endowed as we are? It is really pathetic that in a great fat nation like ours, little children are starving to death. I so wish we could do SOMETHING to help every one of them.
I was just telling Mark the other day, that after talking about the orphans in Zimbabwe I felt overwhelmingly guilty going to bed with my pillows, flannel sheets, warm pajamas, and down comforter. How we often take these things for granted!
You have touched my heart here and through you the Lord has given me a much-needed reality check.

Elise said...

Remember, friend? Do not linger in longing.
What's past is past. Take this moment now, and go for it!
And thank you for the reminder. (I'm so glad they adopted you, too! I bet Mr. S. is triply glad!)

Stacy said...

I am here from Elise's blog, after reading her high praise of you. I can see why! What a beautiful post. Your words here especially gripped my heart because we have an adopted son and are currently in the process of adopting one (hopefully two) more... from the foster-care system. How my heart aches for these children!
I will be back to
Blessings to you and yours,