Monday, January 22, 2007

What to Do ... What to Do ...

I thought I would ask some advice from my blogging friends, and the non-blogging ones that may read my ramblings. You don't have to have a blog to comment ... I would love to hear what you all have to say on any or all of the subjects below!

On the subject of baby food:

If you started solids with your baby at 4 months, what solids did you try? If you made your own foods, which did you start with?

Miss S has mastered rice and oatmeal cereal, carrots, and bananas. I pureed the carrots and bananas myself, and she seems to find them quite tasty. I am trying to decide which food to puree next.

On the subject of saving money:

Mr. S is such a good provider for our family, thus allowing me to stay home. I want to use our resources wisely as with a new house comes a new mortgage! I have discovered the fun of cutting coupons and watching the grocery bill reduce before my very eyes. I am quite the penny pincher, but I would love some advice from some other women out there. How do you all save money/use your money wisely?

On the subject of keeping a clean house/orderly household:

I used to write a weekly menu and shop off of it. I also used to have a cleaning day, a baking day, a washing day etc. With the advent of Miss S, I find myself just running around, doing what I can when I can! Is there a more orderly way to get things done? What works for all of you?

Any favorite recipes out there?

I love to cook! Does anyone have a favorite recipe to share?


Beka said...

Well, I can't give any baby food advice from experience, but why not try applesauce? You can make it easily in the crock pot-- just peel and slice apples and cook on high until they're soft (don't add any extra water or liquid...) and then you could puree them.
I guess peas would probably be pretty easy to puree, too.

Here's a great recipe for ham and cheese scones (yummy!!):

You may want to play with the amount of ground red pepper depending on how spicy you and Mr. S like things... I thought the amount in the recipe was just perfect though. Enjoy!!

Elise said...

Baby food! Is she that big already? Kudos to you for pureeing some food - that's great!
My boys began solids at 4-6 months, and I did everything you do! The applesauce is a great idea. (Beka!) Eliana I managed to nurse exclusively for a year, and so she's just starting in on some pureed foods I made, and loving the peas and green beans (whole).

We shop once a month, because of our location, and it seems to save a lot of money, but I do miss making menus for the week and doing smaller shopping jobs! I think you're doing great already in this department.

And as far as the last one goes, having a day for everything is great - things will get into more of a routine with Miss S. eventually, and you'll be able to do it again, but for now, making sure the main areas are tidy for when Mr. S. comes home, the kitchen, the entryway, your bedroom and bathroom, and saving the rest for once a week when you can get to it is probably the best you can do!

Way to go already though - you are quite the wife and mama!

Maxine said...

Methinks I saw some little lady scoffing down applesauce at my dining room table yesterday. Better add it to the list.

I may be able to offer a little advice about the subject of money: Proverbs 3:9-10.

Now, what is a clean and orderly house? Just kidding. You may remember your mother for a short period successfully putting into effect the good advice I found in the book "Survival for Busy Women, Establishing Efficent Home Management", by Emilie Barnes. Good book. CAUTION: I DID NOT TRY PUTTING IT INTO USE WHEN I HAD A FOUR MONTH OLD BABY. The book is still here and is available upon request.

I think I'll pass on the recipe. You already have all my favorites and have surpassed your mother in cooking skills.