Thursday, November 30, 2006

Memories ...

Lord willing, we will be moving in one week. Here are some memories I have of our cozy 2nd floor apartment. We have been so happy here!

I remember ...

... coming home from our honeymoon to a living room floor covered with wedding gifts (people were so generous!)

... having our livingroom set backordered and using a friend's trundle bed as a couch!

... continuously blowing fuses until we figured out what appliances we could run together.

... being snowed in and having our landlord come upstairs to bring us biscotti to go with our coffee.

... reading Pilgrim's Progress out loud.

... saturday mornings cooking breakfast together in our big kitchen.

... Mr. S's special birthday dinner.

... waving to Mr.S from the guest room window as he got in his car for work.

... looking out the same window for Mr. S's return.

... decorating for Christmas.

... standing in the bathroom jumping up and down holding the pregnancy test with Mr. S saying "what do we do now?"

... sitting on Mr. S's lap crying in fear that I would lose the baby.

... coming home from the radiologist with our precious picture and posting it on the refrigerator.

... getting up in the middle of the night and moving the picture to our dresser so that it would be the first thing we saw in the morning.

... our pantry moth nightmare!

... discussing on the way up the steps who would be using the bathroom first ( we only have one -- can't imagine what it will be like having three!)

... coming out to the living room where my mom was sleeping on the couch to her saying "are you in labor?"

... bringing little Miss S home for the very first time.

... Mr. S pretending to play basketball in the kitchen.

... nightime feedings with Miss S to the tune of Mr S's blissful snoring from the other room.


Maxine said...

Sweet post! Sweet memories! Not the moths, though. Hope you have many more sweet ones in your new place.

Elise said...

Oh - hold onto these memories! I have such fondness in my heart for our first home - full of many firsts of its' own - first baby, first car, first fight! :)
This is a sweet list. Get ready to make more sweet memories in your next home!
(And 3 bathrooms!!!! Thou shalt not covet. Thou shalt not covet...)

chrisd said...

My name is Chris and I saw your post at Maxine's Nanna's Reflections.

Congratulations on your baby! While there are beautiful times, it can be very very hard too. Nap when you can although you won't be able to if you're moving.

What a wonderful job you are doing!

Stop by my blog any time!

Regards from Chris