Monday, November 06, 2006

For Selena

Hi Sweetie,

Mommy loves you so much. I am holding you now, just looking at the way your eyelashes curve up from your lids. I love the way you snuggle into me when I pull you close. The fact that you slept through the night last week reminds me that you are growing up so fast. Even when you sleep past your 4am feeding time I wake and blow you kisses from my bed. I'm so glad that God has given you to us to nurture and teach. It is our responsibility to remember that you are His creation, and we must teach you about Him.

I look forward to the day when we play with dolls together. I'll let you be the mommy! I dream of matching Mommy and daughter aprons and making chocolate chip cookies for Daddy. Now that we might be moving into our own house very soon, I can't wait to make your new room pretty. I hope we'll make a lot of memories there.

Its almost time for your 7:30 feeding, so I'll have to stop writing now. I love you, my little sweet pea.



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Anonymous said...

So sweet - what a blessing she is to you, and you to her!
Praying for your continued strength and wisdom as you enjoy these first months!

Maxine said...

Too sweet! You almost made Nanna cry! Blessings to you both.