Friday, October 20, 2006

Random Thoughts ...

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1. Selena's newest nickname is "Beana Boop Boop." Don't ask me where that came from. Its better then "Poop Factory," right?

2. Last night she slept from 1am until 6am. Yes, thats right, folks. Her normal bedtime is 11:30pm but she ate and ate until 12am. Then she slept for a while and woke up screaming because she had spit up all over herself. So she finally went back down at 1am all clean and happy. If she could go 11:30 - 6am I would probably need to throw a party.

3. Mr.S's birthday is on Sunday. I won't give away his exact age, but he's approaching 30!

4. The new Peppermint Mocha coffeemate creamer is so yummy - delicious.

5. Selena is cooing in her sleep ... it makes me want to snatch her up and kiss her fat cheeks!

6. I can't remember what it is like to go out to eat.

7. On the way to the kitchen from the living room this morning, I succeeded in tripping over a rattle, the playgym and the corner of Selena's swing.

8. I have seriously thought about cutting my long hair short. Like to my shoulders. I have no time to take care of it!

9. When Mr. S was bestowing a tender kiss on Miss S, she oh so sweetly spit up INTO his mouth!

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10. I can't remember what good sleep feels like.

11. Mr. S and I both walk around with white blotches all over our clothes. Yes, those are spit up stains.

12. To my horror, we have started calling each other "Daddy" and "Mommy." What happened to "sweetheart," "love," and "snookums?" Okay, we never called each other "snookums."

13. The book of choice these days is Goodnight Moon.

14. Okay, I'll confess ... when Beana Boop Boop spit up in her crib last night, I put her back in with her head facing the other way. I mean really, it was 12:30 AM!!!! Was I expected to change the sheets at that late hour? I changed them this morning, and no one was worse for the wear.

15. I love teaching Sunday School, but now I have someone to teach right in my own home!! I can't wait until she can understand Leading Little Ones to God.


Maxine said...

Isn't this the greatest time ever?
Enjoy! What other time in your life have you been able to wear spit up decorations on your clothes? I can't wait either until the day you can begin with Leading Little Ones to God-a family tradition!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you are too funny! I'm with you on not changing the sheets - she doesn't roll around yet, so you're good!
Our daughters' name is Eliana, and her nickname is "Sookie Soo". Don't ask me why either.
Even with the spit up and sleepless nights and wondering if you know what in the world you are doing, it's still wonderful, isn't it?
Praying for you!
P.S. - Goodnight Moon is our favorite!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot two things!
Happy birthday Mr. S!
And don't cut your hair! Well, you can, but you probably will regret it. I had waist length hair with my first son, and I chopped it to my chin! Big tears. So it's back to my waist again, and I just braid it or pull it up to get it out of the way. Eliana loves it, and of course, so does hubby.
Of course you can do what you need to - that's my two cents!

CK said...

Your hair would look cute short! Your little one keeps getting cuter;)

Sara said...

Poor Mr. S- that must not have been a very pleasant experience for him. :( Your hair would look really cute short! I'm really looking forward to seeing you and Selena next week!

Sara E. James said...

You gave my mom and I a big laugh with this list of random things. Selena is growing up so much!

Sara E. James said...

You gave my mom and I a big laugh with this random list.