Friday, October 13, 2006

Update on the Smith Family!

I can't believe how little time I have to even put a blog together in my muddled head! Yes, motherhood is wonderfully unpredictable. If you come to my house, please don't look too hard in the corners ... you WILL find dust!

Ahhhh ... I have found a little time and am sitting in front of my laptop with a steaming cup of hot cider. Selena is snoring nearby. Yes, for all you who know Mr. S, she snores just like her daddy!

We are doing well, praying ourselves through this awesome responsibility of parenthood. Trying to mix love and common sense ... trying to raise our little girl to the glory of God. Yes, our sweet little Lena is a daughter of Adam. This week when not happy with her circumstances, she greeted me with a piercing shriek of anger. I told her firmly, "no screaming." Of course she doesn't understand the words, but the tone of voice was quite clear to her.

I love holding my little cuddly daughter. She has started to hold on to me every time we cuddle. She buries her head in my neck and every so often, stops to look and gaze at my face. We just stare at each other and smile at each other. Can life get any better?

Mr.S is doing well juggling school, work, and fatherhood. I'm sure it is exhausting for him. He can be thankful, however, that he sleeps through the nightime feedings! The only sad thing is that he arrives home at the baby's grumpiest time of the day. I feel so badly because she is so cranky when he gets to spend time with her.

Tomorrow, Nanna and PopPop are babysitting for a few hours while we take care of some business. Drum roll please ..... We are actually leaving our precious bundle with someone else!!! It is a momentous event. I will have to restrain myself from calling every quarter hour.

Well, my moment has ended ... its feeding time!! God remains faithful. He continues to bless.


Maxine said...

A nice thorough and realistic update! From my perspective, you guys are doing a very good job of mixing love and common sense. But as I have often told you, it will get harder as time goes by and the Lord will see you through, even the mistakes. And tomorrow-you can call every ten minutes if you want to. I remember how it is!

Sara said...

I'm glad everything is going well with you and Selena! It is hard to think of babies having a sin nature because they are so cute and cuddly, but you know they do whenever they let out a piercing scream! I've gotten used to that lately...:)