Monday, August 18, 2008

We recently went to the Inner Harbor just for fun so I thought I would post some pictures of our little trip.
Selena loved the many fountains we encountered.
Daddy's big girl!
Big girls get big girl dinners too.
We had to take frequent rest stops for Mommy too.
Playing in the hotel room was fun!
We went to the Children's Museum.
We had circle time there.
Lena got to put on a raincoat and play with water!
More fun!
They had a minature diner too, where the kids could cook and serve their parents :-)
A very tired girl about an hour before ... our car accident.
Yes, we were hit on the passenger side of our car on the way home as we were traveling on a major highway. I am still thanking God that He spared us from any injury. The car struck us right next to where our precious girl sits, so we are so thankful. Our unborn treasure is doing ok too!


Maxine said...

Such fun! Those smiles warm my heart. And thank God for His mercies on that highway--I shudder when I think of that car hitting over there where our little girl was.

Neesie said...

Oh that was so cute! I'm glad that you guys had a lot of fun and memories. :-)

A said...

Oh, thank God you are OK! Glad you had fun despite that! I hope that getting your car fixed goes/went smoothly and quickly!!


Mimi said...

a very scary ending to a wonderful day...but God was good and protected you in the accident!!!
what a precious little girl you have...

Anonymous said...

Such cute pictures...that one of you and Selena is amazing. Glad God protected you.

Tammy said...

Oh MY! Praise the Lord for His protection!

Glad you had such a fun family time :o)

Tera said...

Oh- scary! I'm soo thankful you are all ok. What wonderful family time! Looks like Lena had a blast.

Jodi said...

Oh that first picture of you and Lena is just beautiful! Looks like a very fun day. Car accidents do leave one feeling a bit jittery. All glory to God for keeping your family safe and sound.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing that lovely pictures, I enjoyed so much watching them this morning with my first cup of tea.

Thankful that you have stayed protected. It is moments like this that show us how less we have in our own hands and we need that bigger one to stay with us all days.

Beba said...

She grew up allot! I was away from blogs pretty long time, but boy, she grew up... God bless you all!


Oooh, I am so glad that all of you are alright and God took very care of you. The picture were heart warming. You both looked so good, I guess I should have said all of you looked good. It was my first look at the new little one. I can 't wait for the little one to get here. Hope your hip has not been giving you any trouble. Thanks to God again for taking care of all of you. connie

Baptist Girl said...

I'm so glad you all are ok. I looks like you had a great time otherwise!


Sara said...

I love all these pics Bev! Looks like you had so much fun.

Becoming Me said...

You have such a lovely family

Victoria said...

Looks like you had lots of fun, what happy relaxed photos. I LOVE the one of you and Selena, you are both beautiful!

Thank you for your comments yesterday,.. and to talk about Good is GREAT, I think I enjoyed it even more than Little Women, and feasted on some of Marmee's wise words to her girls - so true. I put bookmarks in some pages to revisit, but then forgot and returned the book to the library! I will be borrowing it again one day :-)