Thursday, May 08, 2008

A hodge podge of things ...

One of the things I love about blogging is that when I am struggling with something, you are all there to encourage and point me to the Lord! Thank you so much for your comments on my previous post. I have read them several times over.
We are doing well! Lena is growing up so quickly that I hardly know what to think. We just got her a toddler bed, and I can't believe we are at this stage already.
She's starting to say things about how she feels too. "I sad." "I have fun." When she is hungry she says "I have dinner?" When she is tired, "I upstairs." When her hands are sticky, she says, "I a mess." It is so entertaining and gratifying to know what she is thinking and feeling. We are constantly laughing at her antics. She's inherited her daddy's love of a joke!
Last night, we put her to bed and said , "I love you," as we always do. As we were closing the door, a little voice said, "I wuv oo." It was so special!
She has a CD that she listens to when she has quiet reading time in her crib in the morning. One of the songs is "Ho ho ho hosanna, Ha ha hallelujah, He he he he saved me, I got the joy of the Lord." She has started to run around saying, "He saved me! He saved me!" This has led us to renewed vigor in praying that He will indeed save her at a young age.
Well, I am sitting here laughing because Mr.S just got two wisdom teeth pulled, and he is really loopy!! I think I will go enjoy his silliness some more. As you probably already noticed, I don't have too much to say tonight.
I'm looking forward to a cozy at home day tomorrow while the rain pours outside. Mr.S will be home recovering, and I'll get to baby him to my heart's content.
Have a wonderful weekend, friends!


Maxine said...

Feel better Mr. S! Glad it's behind you. We sure did enjoy that little girl tonight while you guys were dealing with your time with Dr. D. See why it's important to play the right music? Now you can use the words of that song to spur you to prayer and also to point her to the "He" of those lyrics. I hope tomorrow will be a day of much deserved coziness for the three of you. mama

Bluestocking said...

Those drugs they put people on are a riot aren't they? I'm having a celebration in honor oft blog aversary on Sunday. So drop by. I've got prizes too!

Neesie said...

I think that she may have gotten a little bit of that joking spirit from her mama too! ;-)
Hope you had a comfy day is so yucky outside.

Anna Naomi said...

I've been enjoying reading this blog and The Girl Inside, even though I don't have time to comment much. It's been fun to read your thoughts! It's even more fun to think you're Amaris' aunt, when I've enjoyed having her in my class this past year. Isn't it amazing how God brings small connections from all over?

Neesie said...

Ahhh..yes. October 25.
I'm a very bad auntie! ;-)


Have a very Happy Day. Hope your Husband feels much better soon. connie from Texas

Stacy said...

Happy Mother's Day to you, friend!