Thursday, December 13, 2007

Learning not so good things from momma!

Should I even be telling you this? Ok, now I have to, right? I always said I would NEVER be one of those moms who licks their finger and wipes their children's face.
Never say never, right?

This winter, no matter how many times I wash Lena's face when we are home, I am always surprised by how dirty it looks when I take her out of the carseat!

And yes, I gave in. Rather then take her into the store looking very neglected, I took a furtive look around me. I licked my finger, and yes - I wiped those areas around her mouth that were just totally unacceptable!

She giggled with delight, and she didn't look neglected anymore. Sooooooo ...

... ok - I've done it more then once now.
Earlier this week, I came around to the backseat to scoop her out of the car, and there she was ....
... grinning triumphantly and licking her finger.
I watched as she carefully wiped her face - and then she flashed me a brilliant "look how I helped you, mom!"
I smiled weakly.
So she learned a not so good thing from her mom. I have to admit it.


Bluestocking said...

ROFL!!! Bev that's hysterical!!! Really it's not that bad!

That really brightened my day!!

Beka said...

Hee hee. That Lena! She cracks me up.

:-) Thanks for making Auntie Beka smile today!

Joel and Jaime said...

Oh my, that's really funny!

And honestly, I don't think what you did was that 'bad'. I do it all the time :/ What else is a momma to do when faced with a dirty child, no wash cloth, and no running water? Make do with what we've got :)

Sara said...

And I have to admit that you've just made my day by relating this funny story. :)

praying4more said...

I am Ella's mom, and I try to visit the blogs she visits every now and then. (Although I know she visits your other blog)

Anyhow, this story is such a reminder of JUST how much our children learn from our example. They will do the very things that they see us do. Oh, may we not lead them astray by our daily behavior.


Mimi said...

my girls still remind me of the days when we always wore gloves to church... and I would make them lick my gloved finger so I could wipe their face!! ha ha
things never change do they?
they said they can still taste those gloves!! LOL
your little Lena is a precious doll!!
Have a wonderful Christmas full of family time and love..

Anonymous said...

A very funny book was just published in Germany, that lists all "parental ticks" one can or must possibly develop to belong to the species of "parents".

One chapter was that licking thing

My best friend will get that book for Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Hey, and how is Herman?

Sarah said...

I've done it too my friend!

Maxine said...