Monday, October 29, 2007

Out of chaos (hopefully)

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Ever notice that after a week of being sick, you feel better only to be slammed by a wall of ... lets put it nicely ... CHAOS?

For me this includes:

  • A fridge full of mismatched leftovers
  • A dirty kitchen floor
  • Dust
  • Office desks piled with mail and other fileables (note -- the office can be seen from the outside window - just lovely)
  • an ironing pile as tall as Selena
  • hopechest at foot of bed piled with clothes that should either be hung up or put in a hamper (which is which? oh well, lets just wash them all!)
  • no baked goods for breakfasts for hungry husband
  • no baked goods for snacks for hungry husband
  • lots of laundry
  • an almost meatless freezer
  • two baskets full of folded clothes that never got put away (yeah, and I need the baskets for the additional laundry I have)
  • daughter who is whiny, weepy, and clingy after a week of being so incredibly good! (she even rubbed my head for me when I was sick)

So there you have it. My house. Not so pretty! I'm almost in a manic state of mind, but I must be still and take things one at a time. Currently, I am tackling the laundry, the dirty floor, and the piles of mail. After all, if you look in the front window, at least that one room will look beautiful. Just don't open the front door! But if you do, make me sit down and have a cup of tea with you. I'll need it after sorting through the chaos. And if it sounds like I am poking fun at myself, I am. I am actually laughing out loud!


Beka said...

Oh dear. Well, I am glad you are still able to laugh!

One thing at a time, and that, well done, is a good plan. Just remember that, and keep doing the next thing... but I know, it's so easy to get overwhelmed! I hope you're able to make some headway today and that He will continue to give you joy!

Anonymous said...

Ha, that picture is just great - I know moments like this. My ironing ALWAYS piles up higher than Selena and I don't have kids and a husband.

*sending-you-a-tea* :-)
Glad that you're feeling better!

Joel and Jaime said...

I'm so glad you're still lol! We will encourage each other through this day---because mine has been much like yours. I haven't been sick or anything, but just the business of life caused me to wake up this morning with---well, a house that sounds much like yours :) But, I am slowly making my way through the mess :)Plow on, dear friend :)

Brooke said...


That totally made my day. I know how you feel. There's a basket of clean laundry in my clost that is 4 feet high. Actually I some times wash it again just to avoid dealing with it. You have a much better excuse than I do though!!

Don't despair, Rome wasn't built in a Day.

Maxine said...

This was funny (and sad) to read. We've all had those days come along in our lives.["Not just for you..."] Sorry, I couldn't resist.

A part of me wishes I could come over to help you, but my better part is glad I'm not there. :-) Sorry about that--better days are coming.

A said...

Ahh . . . someone else understands my life! Oh wait, this isn't about me! I'm single with no kids, but throw in a full time job plus 12.5 hours on the road each week(gulp!) and a retreat and house sitting for 3 weeks in a town 45 minutes from home on top of (following sinus and ear infection) and yikes! I know how you feel . . .

Simply one thing at a time, isn't it? Good luck with the "un-burying" process!


Sara said...

Hmmm doesn't sound like fun! But this post WAS very funny to read. :) Hope you get all that work done!!! Try to enjoy yourself this week. :)

Mimi said...

OK mommie... tackle the chaos one step at a time... but don't worry it will still be there after you read Selena a story after all she was so good to you when you were sick, now she deserves a reward!!!!
Glad you are feeling better...


I can make you one promise, "This too shall pass."

When I was young and had just our four sons I always told my husband I couldn't afford to get sick because I would never get caught up if I I always did though. You are handling it right just laugh and do it one thing at a time. connie from Texas

Bethany said...

Glad to hear that you are feeling better! Hope the laundry and cleaning went (is going ?) well!