Tuesday, August 28, 2007

More Spider Woes

Another spider has come to visit our humble abode. This spider puts the other black one to shame!

I have proof ...

He or she comes at night. Quietly. Stealthily.

The first time we were visited, Mr. S let out a loud "whoa!" When I came to the door, my insides curdled. You see, I apologize to all the spider lovers out there, but I am terribly afraid of spiders. I don't think I'll even be able to visit my own blog to look at the pictures I've posted!

A close up view --(shiver)

The sign we put up on our back door- warning us not to inadvertently open it!

During the day, the spider goes and does whatever spiders do. In the still of the night, it returns, sending Beverly's heart into an irregular rhythm.

The new development in our household concerning this situation is that Mr. S has developed some strange sort of "relationship" with our guest. No, it is NOT a guest -- I'll call it an intruder.

After watching it spin its magnificent web, Mr. S watches for the spider to come at night, and I must say -- I think he is getting attached to it. I have found him on three separate occasions, mouth open, nose pressed up against the glass looking at the spider. Maybe they are speaking their own special language?

What are we going to do now?


Joel and Jaime said...

LOL! This is funny! (But only because I'm not the one with the huge creepy spider in my house) :)
You must have more patience than me--I would have been begging my husband to take it far, far away by now! I hope, for your sake, that your uninvited guest doesn't stay too long!

Mimi said...

I say send it packing... never to come back for another visit... I'm with you Spiders do not belong in the same place I am...

Maxine said...

Good grief! I didn't know it looked like that! And I've been complaining about my mosquitoes. (Actually, the mosquitoes are probably more dangerous.)From what you tell me, this critter is supposed to be harmless? Why can'tyou go find out where it is in the daytime? I don't know if I'm coming Thursday.:) You should see your sister's face.

Beka said...

Eee... I have shivers up and down my spine. I had to scroll down very fast so as not to see too much of those very creepy pictures.
I think you are going to have to beg and plead on your knees for E to just get it overwith and get rid of that nasty beast forever!
AND he'd better do it before Saturday!!

Stacy said...

ohmygoodnesssakes i am deathly afraid of spiders, too. EW! and snakes. and bees. but especially SPIDERS.
um, you SO have to get rid of that.

Anonymous said...

Actually I prefer that gal to the terrible mosquitos that we are having at the moment and that are sucking our blood and stealing our sleep with that :-(

But in general I prefer a bug - and - spider - free environment :-)

A said...

I prefer the vacuum cleaner to get rid of unwanted spiders in my house . . . quick, and very little chasing and physical contact involved! Sorry spider-lovers, I only attack if they break the unspoken code of conduct. Stay. Out. Of. My. House!

sparrow's song said...

We had monster spiders in Guam and Japan when we were stationed there. I walked under them several times going in and out of the house before I noticed them over head.

The kicker though was when I was sleeping and awoke to find one crawling across my hand. And it was BIG. Lord have MERCY!!

No spider lover here. Time for spray. Kill it before it breeds.

Tanya said...

Ugh, ugh, ugh!!! I HATE spiders!! Rick is definitely my hero when they're around. Spiders and crickets. They both wig me out. Good luck! :) btw: love the sign! lol!