Thursday, June 07, 2007

What was I thinking?

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Alternate titles for this post could be:

I Hope My Dad Isn't Reading This

What I did with Nail Polish Remover, a Nail File, and a Pampered Chef Scraper Thingie

A Homemaking Faux Pas

My Husband Is a Patient Man


Okay, lately, we've been on a garage organizing and cleaning venture. Our goal is to be able to park the car in there when we want to. Moving with a young baby wasn't exactly Momma's cup of tea, so we stored the extra boxes in the garage and slowly unpacked so as not to stress Momma out (yes, that is yours truly!) We've been "almost" there for about three months now, but Daddy was busy in school. So now, we have the time to finally clear it out completely and organize our things on the shelves.

I decided to paint the bookshelf that holds all of my cookbooks. It was a different wood color then our dining room set, so I decided to paint it the wall color instead so there wouldn't be two different color woods in our living room.

It was a good idea, but I made two mistakes:

1. This is a really old bookshelf. Not the best quality either. I probably shouldn't have bothered to paint it.

2. I carried the bookshelf into the garage to paint it. Why. didn't. I. put. something. under. the. bookshelf? What was I thinking??????

Sometimes I wonder about where my head is.

So now there is an almost totally cleared garage with some unsightly splotches of paint on the floor. What was I thinking? I could tell that my patient husband wanted to grab his head and say "Ay yi yi!!"

So I brought the power tools in. Armed with a bottle of nail polish remover, a nail file, and a Pampered Chef scraper thingie, I set to work on the paint. And guess what? Its working!!!!! Whoopee!! I am about halfway through correcting my mistake.

P.S. Don't ask to see the bookshelf if you come to my house. It looks horrible.

P.P.S. Glimpses at the Classics will return next week when I am not so busy scraping paint off of the garage floor.

Have a great weekend, friends!!


Joel and Jaime said...

lol! So, I'm not the only one who does stuff like this, eh?

Maxine said...

I'm gonna TELL on you! WHY are you taking after your mother! Probably everybody who reads this will have a similar story to tell. But it was fun reading, when it wasn't me who did it. Your dad's having to get more and more patience, too. Remember the forgetting-to-get-gas-before-going-on-the-tunrpike-thing? Can't wait to see the bookshelf!

Beka said...

Thank the Lord for patient husbands, eh? Well, at least it was the garage floor and not the kitchen or the hallway floor, right? And I promise not to laugh when I see the bookshelf :-)

A said...

Too funny! Good luck with that! :)

Stacy said...

Oh I love it!!! :) And I must say, the way you began this post had me on the edge of my seat, wondering, "Just WHAT did she do?!" :)


Anonymous said...

Ah, I had a lovely time with my morning coffee, reading that post with a v e r y wide grin on my face *giggle*.

That could have been me, really!

Sure, that you do not want to allow us a very small pic of the shelf :-) ? *hoping*

Baptist Girl said...

four comforting words for you Beverly. "Your not alone"


Beverly said...

Alas! Helen, my camera is broken ... no, really it is!! We have to send it away to be fixed :)

Sara E. James said...

That was too funny. But really, it's only paint on the garage floor... isn't everyone's garage floor dirty and spotted?

Elise said...

"Oh no!" That's what I kept saying as I read further and further!

Mr. S., may I recommend extending grace? ;)