Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Happy Nine-Month Birthday

How could she be nine months old already? My little girl is growing up. Yesterday was her nine month birthday and we are headed towards a year! I can't even remember life without her, when it was just Mr. S and myself.

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How could we have gotten here already?

We are having some fun with her play telephone. It rings randomly if you leave it on. Selena will be crawling with purpose in one direction and hear her little phone ring. Whirling around she will look with confusion in every direction before proceeding on her way. A minute later she will be pulling up on the couch and the phone will say "Hello?"

She will be so startled, that she will plop down on her bottom in bewilderment. She looks at me quizzically because I am shaking with laughter. Then we'll both end up laughing together!

Our digital camera is on its sickbed and will be sent to the Canon hospital in the next few days. I will miss it, and will miss posting pictures until it gets fixed!


Joel and Jaime said...

How precious! That picture of you and Selena is adorable :) I would love to see her with her telephone! Don't moments like that just make you so glad you're a mommy?

Beka said...

HOW can she be nine months old already?? Well, I for one am very thankful for the blessing that she is to all around her, and also for the excellent example of parenting in you and E. You know that Mark and I pray for her salvation.

Poor camera-- hope it can be fixed soon so we can see more pictures!

Puck said...

Ahhh..yes,the little pincess is growing up. Every week she is a little different. I remember the day that pic. was taken sooo well. You and Edie were too happy for words,and so were we. :-)
I'll miss these times,but Lord willing look forward to seeing her grow more and more. Happy Birthday Lena!
Auntie Nee

Stacy said...

What a beautiful picture! Love those brand-new mama and baby snapshots! :)
Love to you!


Selena, Happy nine month birthday. It will just keep getting better and better for you, little one. May God bless and keep you and your Dad and Mom. connie from Texas

Maxine said...

I remember when! Wow, how she's changed. Each stage has been precious and I'm liking the fun little nine month old a lot!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely photo.

The phone must be real fun :-)
And I am wondering who buys all that talking toys ;-)

Sara said...

I'm a little late, but happy 9-month birthday Selena! You are a beautiful little girl.:)