Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Glimpses At the Classics - Old Fashioned Girl

"Better is a little with the fear of the Lord,

Than great treasure with trouble.

Better is a dinner of herbs

where love is,

Than a fatted calf with hatred."
Proverbs 15:16-17
I think we all know that riches do not equal happiness. This doesn't mean that if you are well-to-do, that your home will be unhappy! There are many unhappy people in all socio-economic classes.

What do you think of when you think of happiness for your family? Do you think of a gleaming kitchen with marble countertops and stainless steel appliances? Do you think of a marble covered island with a pot rack gracing the ceiling above? Sorry for inserting the whole pot rack thing ... this is one of the items on my wish list!!! I'm sure that I will still have a fulfilled life if I never have a pot rack :-)

I've read many of your blogs, and heard many of you talk about what makes you happy, and these things have nothing to do with the model and make of your car or what type of house you have. They have nothing to do with how many clothes you have or where you bought your clothes.

For our family, some happinesses include:

warm group hugs for the three of us

making Saturday morning breakfast together

long car rides when Mr S and I chatter incessantly the whole way

watching Selena discover something new

watching Mr S and Selena head out for an after dinner walk

feeling baby hands pat my cheeks before getting a slobbery kiss

Old Fashioned Girl by Lousia May Alcott is a sort of country mouse, city mouse story. We learn how Polly (our sweet country mouse) impacts the lives of the Shaw family, who are very well - to - do, but not altogether happy.

Lets look in on them for a moment. Polly has recently arrived to spend two months with the Shaw family.

"There was so much love in her own home that she quickly found the want of it in Fanny's, and puzzled herself to find out why these people were not kind and patient to one another. She did not try to settle the question, but did her best to love and serve and bear with each; and the good will, the gentle heart, the helpful ways and simple manners of our Polly made her dear to everyone, for these virtues, even in a little child, are lovely and attractive.

Mr. Shaw was very kind to her, for he liked her modest, respectful manners; and Polly was so grateful for his many favors , that she soon forgot her fear, and showed her affection in all sorts of confiding little ways, which pleased him extremely. She used to walk across the park with him when he went to his office in the morning, talking busily all the way and saying 'Goodbye' with a nod and a smile when they parted at the great gate. At first, Mr. Shaw did not care much about it; but soon he missed her if she didn't come, and found that something fresh and pleasant seemed to brighten all his day, if a small, gray-coated figure, with an intelligent face, a merry voice, and a little hand slipped confidingly into his, went with him through the wintry park... Poor Mr. Shaw had been so busy getting rich, that he had not found time to teach his children how to love him ..."

May this last sentence never be said about our household, or any of yours! May our homes shine with love, even if they don't shine with crystal and stainless steel. May our words to one another be sweet, and our memories as precious as the most sparkling gems.


Beka said...

Beautiful. I don't think I've ever read that book!

Maxine said...

Thank you for this one, dear. As you know, this is a subject that is close to my heart and this verse is one of my all time favorites. I always pray that the Lord gives your home the kind of riches that matter most all through the years. I've never read this, but know it's one of your favorites and I can see why from this and some of the other excerpts I've seen.

Joel and Jaime said...

I have never read this one. But that line.."...he had not found time to teach his children how to love him..." How sad! You said it right---may our homes never be guilty of such a thing!

Tanya said...

This is beautiful! Thank you for posting it. Oh, and I want a pot-rack, too. :)

Elise said...

I've read it, love it, and could there be anything funner than this series you are doing?

I'm so excited, I used the word "funner". :)

Polly. I always wanted to be like Polly. I'm going to pull it out and read it again...

jacq said...

I share your "high calling" God bless you. thru CWO random found your site.